25 July 2011

Clairvoyants- do you belive?

 Ive always been into Clairvoyants and all the spiritual type things since i was little.
I used to watch all the ghost shows with my mum Strange but true when i poltergeist made thing fly across the from and the children float up out of the bed. Id stay up for hours watching most haunted with Jason. Any ghost/haunting show Ive probably seen it.

I loved ghost whisperer with Jennifer love Hewitt ( even though that was all fake but still...).

Ive always found it amazing that people like Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan can talk to people that have passed and can predict things that will happen.Kind of wish i could do it too, i say kind of because it would scare me seeing a ghost walk into a room but i would love to be able to talk to people Ive lost.

I would do anything to be able to talk to my Nana.

The reason I'm  wanting to post about this is because a few days ago my sister when to see a Clairvoyant/card reader, and i wounder if you believed what they say is true and they really can speak to the dead and predict the future?
 Some of the things the woman said seemed to be convincing and when I'm told about my Nana and that she is around i want to believe that they are there watching over us.
 Most of what she said was about the future and what going to happen so i cant really know if i should believe it or not until it happens when she said it will.

But one thing she got which was kind of exciting was that she said my name!

 with alot of things i know they could just make up but to say my name makes me want to believe more i mean there are a billion names she could have said..

But anyway here are a few of the things she said are going to happen,
It will be good to be able to look back on this and see of any of it does come true.

-I will be pregnant next Feb -March time but not announce it until May (with a girl!) 
-My sister will have twins at 25- boy and a girl
-Nana has been trying to turn lights on/off
-That Ive been really poorly recently.....( Ive had a really had ear infection)
-Mums going to have an op to make her better
-One of our older sisters will move in 3 month
-Jason will get back into fishing-been twice this week first time in over a year
-Jessica will have a car my next September.
-I will get a new car. (she See's me in a soft top beetle)

Ive been wanting to book her for a night with a group of friends but they are really into it and big believers so ill have to go to a one to one reading.
I would love to have a reading with Sally Morgan!!

Do you Believe?

Have you ever seen and one that has told you something that has come true ? 

Please leave me a comment and let me know i would love to hear what you think.

Laura xxxx


  1. Such an interesting post. I've always been open to it all, and always watched the ghost programmes and that. My mum has always been open to it all too as she lost her parents at a young age and is always curious. I've had a couple of experiences that made me stunned by clairvoyants too. I believe :) x

  2. I don't know if i believe or not, alot of things they say can be generalized or you can relate to it in some way.

    I don't think I could say i believed until I witnessed it first hand to see what they could tell me xx

  3. Hi Laura. I saw one in February and I wish I hadn't. My friend saw her a few years ago and everything came true so I have a feeling what she said about me is going to be true and it's not good. xx

  4. aw not thats awful..and very scary!! my mum always say not to see one incase they say somthing bad, some things are best not known about.I hope it doesnt come true whatever it is :( xx

  5. love this post! I love these unexplained things and have seen personally spooky things which you never would believe! Despite these I don't tend to believe in clairvoyants, but I do believe in Sally Morgan... she seems legitimate.


  6. Hi Laura.
    I saw a gypsey fortune teller last year.
    She was spot on with 2 things she told me 1. that i would be moving - I moved 2 weeks later
    2. that I would be a having a baby this year - im now 2 weeks away from having my baby.

    I think its best to always have an open mind and try not to read to much into the things they say.

    Kelly http://www.kellys-world.org/



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