31 July 2011


I picked this up from Primark for £10
.I loved it on, really comfy and slouchy, it will be great as it starts to get a bit colder ( not that i want it to).
I got it in a size bigger than i normally would as i think it looks better a big bigger because of the style of it.
 This was from primark as well in the sale for £3 i had to get it.
I love the colour and that the material is different on the front and back.

 This is just a basic of the shoulder top from H&M.
Ive been wanting a black of the shoulder top for a while but couldn't find one this is quite long but it a belt is fine.
It looks much better on that on the hanger lol.
I got this in a small as the style is really slouchy but even in small its still quite bit.
 I really loved this.
Kind of reminds me of the 80's tops.
Thick cotton big slouchy off the shoulder. (can you see a patten here)

 Then i got two MUA polishes free when i bought two bottles of coke in Superdrug...the black is dryed up :/ NICE!

Laura xxx

30 July 2011


 I randomly took these pictures while going to meet my sister and though i would post a ffod as i haven't done one in a while.
We were going shopping and it was sooo hot!

I pretty much have on what i put in my summer makeup post.

 I got a few bits while we were there and was going to post a haul but soon realised they are the sort of clothes that look better on lol and are hard to take good pictures to show them how they are on.

♥Mac face & body C3
Collection 2000,Lasting perfection 
Bourjois Bronzer 52
Sleek Blush Rose Gold
Mac MSF - soft and gentle
Maybelline Great lash & Falsies
Elf Brow Kit
Mac liner Graphblack
Mac Fix +
Laura xxx

29 July 2011

Orly Nail Polish Collection...

This is the second post on my nail polish collection, the first been my Barry M nail paint.
I won most of these a twitter giveaway a while ago which i was so happy and excited about as i never win anything!.

Fancy Fuchsia

Halleys comet
Out of this world
Galaxy girl

Lunar eclipse
Space cadet
Its not rocket science

What is your Favourite Orly nail colour??

I always forget about Orly when im ordering so i would love to know your faves and what you would recommend :) 
Laura xxx 

26 July 2011

My everyday summer make up ....


                                                            ♥ Mac Face & Body Foundation

♥ C3

                                                                    ♥Collection 2000
♥Lasting perfection

*Old picture as name has rubbed off

♥Bourjois Bronzer

♥Sleek Blush
♥Rose Gold

♥Mac MSF
♥Soft and Gentle

♥Great lash
♥The Falsies

♥Elf Brow Kit
* Forgot to get a single picture of eyelline but at the minute im using,


♥Sigma, x2 Flat top Kabuki, Angled Kabuki , Duo Fiber

♥Sigma, Blending brush (E25)
♥No 7 Blending brush 

♥Random angled & brush

If i do eyeshadow through the day this is what i use.

♥Urban Decay
♥Primer Potion

♥Naked Palette
♥Virgin, Sin , Naked & Buck mainly.

If you could only wear one product what would it be?
 Mine would be mascara definitly.

Laura xxx

25 July 2011

Clairvoyants- do you belive?

 Ive always been into Clairvoyants and all the spiritual type things since i was little.
I used to watch all the ghost shows with my mum Strange but true when i poltergeist made thing fly across the from and the children float up out of the bed. Id stay up for hours watching most haunted with Jason. Any ghost/haunting show Ive probably seen it.

I loved ghost whisperer with Jennifer love Hewitt ( even though that was all fake but still...).

Ive always found it amazing that people like Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan can talk to people that have passed and can predict things that will happen.Kind of wish i could do it too, i say kind of because it would scare me seeing a ghost walk into a room but i would love to be able to talk to people Ive lost.

I would do anything to be able to talk to my Nana.

The reason I'm  wanting to post about this is because a few days ago my sister when to see a Clairvoyant/card reader, and i wounder if you believed what they say is true and they really can speak to the dead and predict the future?
 Some of the things the woman said seemed to be convincing and when I'm told about my Nana and that she is around i want to believe that they are there watching over us.
 Most of what she said was about the future and what going to happen so i cant really know if i should believe it or not until it happens when she said it will.

But one thing she got which was kind of exciting was that she said my name!

 with alot of things i know they could just make up but to say my name makes me want to believe more i mean there are a billion names she could have said..

But anyway here are a few of the things she said are going to happen,
It will be good to be able to look back on this and see of any of it does come true.

-I will be pregnant next Feb -March time but not announce it until May (with a girl!) 
-My sister will have twins at 25- boy and a girl
-Nana has been trying to turn lights on/off
-That Ive been really poorly recently.....( Ive had a really had ear infection)
-Mums going to have an op to make her better
-One of our older sisters will move in 3 month
-Jason will get back into fishing-been twice this week first time in over a year
-Jessica will have a car my next September.
-I will get a new car. (she See's me in a soft top beetle)

Ive been wanting to book her for a night with a group of friends but they are really into it and big believers so ill have to go to a one to one reading.
I would love to have a reading with Sally Morgan!!

Do you Believe?

Have you ever seen and one that has told you something that has come true ? 

Please leave me a comment and let me know i would love to hear what you think.

Laura xxxx

Happy birthday!!?

OK so I'm not sure on the exact date as i deleted my first few posts a while ago which i now wish i hadn't as i would of liked to know the date. I think it was Today although looking back to my 'first' post now its the 30th July.

Although i can remember my actual first post was 'things I'm loving'.

I cant remember the night i set my blog up.I was sat on the soft with my old laptop watch TV/YT, and reading blogs although i cant remember which blog made me want to do my own which I'm annoyed about as id of loved to mentioned it.

I do remember putting up a few post that night and been amazed when someone looked at it and thinking omg i love this its so fun!

I didn't really know what i was getting myself in to.
I didn't know i would make friends and talk to people from all over the world.
I didn't know anything about Pr's or anything to do with blogging really.I never used twitter i just  go to know people my reading/commenting on there blogs.
Then i found twitter and found a whole other different world and side to blogging.

Lovely people ...

Ive just been reading Julies post on her blogs birthday which reminded me mine was this week.
I must have found Julies blog straight away as i always remember her been there and reading her posts.She was one of my first 'blogger friends' on of the first people i started talking to :)

The lovely Siobhan has always been there from the beginning being so kind and lovely :)

Another blogger i always remember been there, another one of my first 'blogger friends' is Charlotte.

'Giddy Princess' was also one of the first blogs i loved.

There are so many other lovely people i have met through blogging that I'm am so happy i have got to 'meet'.
I'm going to do a big post and try to link as many as i can :)

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ever commented on one of my posts it makes my day :)
and everyone who has followed my blog :) 

Laura xxx

22 July 2011

My Barry M nail paints..

I thought i would do a few little post on my nail polishes.
I am huge nail polish lover! I want them all..
I think i will do separate post on each band.
I don't have loads of polishes i only really go into them last summer when i started my blog.
I did already have some obviously but i was more into acrylics and nail art so i used to buy the little nail art paint and brushes instead of full nail polishes as i always wore a french tip.
Barry M was the first brand i really got into and loved there nail polishes.
The first been there 'mint' which is a favourite.
Here's most my Barry M nail paints ...

a few are at my mums as my sister lends them..i think she had red. mushroom, coral and a few others but they are probably on my NOTD post.
♥Top Coat
♥Limited addition -NPP1
♥Pink Flamingo
♥Cyan Blue
♥ Blue Moon

Bright Purple
♥Bright Purple

♥ Peach Melba

♥Pink iridescent

♥Dusky Mauve

Laura xxx

21 July 2011

July GlossyBox- What inside my box?

 Now that there are different things inside the Glossy Box's the more posts i see in my dashboard the happier i am as i like to be able to see all the different things that are inside.
I'm still not 100% on everything that has been sent out this month but its looking really good!
I think they definitely listened to what people had to say about the June box and have don't a fantastic job this month.

I'm really happy with my box, theres always going to be something someone else got that i would have loved but its going to happen when the boxes are different.

So in my box this month heres what i got...

Nouveau Lashes

Illamasqua Lipgloss in Explode

Weleda -Pomergranate Regenerating body oil

Ciate Nail polish in Kitten Heels

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

I happy that i will use everything in this box, i have seen another which i maybeeee would of been happier with but i am very excited about Julys box and now cant wait till next months :)

Id love to look what you got, if you have done a post please leave me the link in the comments :)

Laura xxx

20 July 2011


Hi guys...
So im sat in bed, both boys asleep and Jason is having an hour on the ps3 so its the perfect time for me to update my blog.... but i don't really know what to post about ive been having blogger block for a while now as you can probably tell but my lack of posts :(.
I absolutely love blogging i really look forward to sitting down and writing a new post and i hate when i have a really busy day and no time to look at other blogs but recently my mind has just gone blank as to what i could post.Its driving me crazy i want to have a million ideas and time through the day to take pictures but its just not happening :(.
I havnt been shopping for a while so i dont really have products to review or hauls so ive just been a bit stuck.

So for tonights post because i wanted to get on here so bad im going to do a little update and a chat :) ....to myself.. :/ humm

♥ I did my roots a few nights ago but im not to happy with how it turned out :(.

♥ I really want the new China Glaze polish CG in the city!! def my next nail purchase!

♥ Smashed the back of my iphone..BOOO so glad it wasnt the front though!

♥ Took the boys to a friends birthday party on Monday they loved it :)

♥ I think im near enough over my eaar infection finally!

♥ Excited for my GlossyBox to come hopefully tomorrow.

♥ Its nearly the boys birthdays well September and i think ive decided there main present will be a bike :) There first real bike, theyve got the tryke things but there really hard to peddle a propper bike will be so much better for them now :)

♥ Im really loving the 'schuermanshow' and 'TheSacconeJolys' on YT recently as well as they Shaytards still obvs :)

♥Oh i cut a jumper today too, i wanted it to be 'off the shoulder' instead of a normal neck.
So much comfyer now :).

♥Doing this post has made me want to go out and buy lots of new make up :/ not sure why :/eekk.

Hope your all well :)

What have you been up to recently?

What was the last thing you bought?

Laura xxx
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