15 June 2011

Yellow nails?...

Ive seen a lot of talk of yellow nails recently and at first i wasn't really in to it as i couldn't see myself walking round with yellow nails ... although the more i think about it and see pictures im liking it more and more.

So i thought i would write a post to see what your opinions are on yellow nails?

I do have some yellow polishes in my collection although i haven't really worn them before... maybe now its time for them to come out from hiding?

After seeing 'yellow nail polish' pop up so much i decided to have a look who had been wearing
 it.... a few i found were..

Miley Cyrus
Natalie Portman
 Jennifer Love Hewitt
 Hilary Duff
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Pixie Lott

What do you think?

Will you be rocking the yellow nails this summer?

Do you prefer pastel yellows o r bright?

I'm going to go have a play and i will post a NOTD picture tomorrow as its too dark now the lighting is really bad :(

Laura xxx
Sorry if any of this post doesn't make sense Ive just written it up about to post and it wouldn't then deleted itself!so i had to redo it. - Thanks blogger!


  1. I tried out this trend .... with bright yellow and i wasnt a fan, ive just brought a pastel yellow maybe i will like that better! x

  2. I love yellow nails on other but on me it looks horrible. It's a shame because I'd love to wear it in the Summer. Will look forward to your NOTD post x

  3. I love the idea of yellow nails and I have some yellow polishes but they dont look good on me.

  4. i love yellow nails on everyone but me lol. maybe if i get a nice tan it would look nice, but as of now. i think i'd pass :)

    Cotton2 <3

  5. I think Pixie Lott and Rihanna pull them off best. I've got pale skin so it just looks weird on me! xx

  6. I like yellow nail polish because it doesnt pop up so much when the nail polish is peeled


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