20 June 2011

This Week.....

Hi :)
Hope you've all had a good week, here's a few pictures from what we've been doing. Jason was working Monday-Thursday so we played in the garden Monday because it was so hot!
Then there was a few stormy days and we went to my mums.

While Jason's been of we played in the garden and shopped.His dad also called round to see the boys on friday.

Yesterday been fathers day me and the boys went to play at the park with my mum and dad.The boys got to see horses which they loves as the races were on. :)

Today i think were going to go to a local water park so ill probably have a few picture from that next week :)

Jason's back to work tomorrow until Friday :(.

Laura xxx


  1. I love the nails from the sixth picture. That little flower looks adorable on them. :)

  2. Aw your poor dog! So cute :) I don't think I could ever pull off Yellow nails, I'm waaayy too pale xx

  3. The nail varnish looks so different in the bottle that on the nails. Looks more milky and then brighter on the nails. Yellow is so in!

  4. Love the nails. Great pictures too :) x


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