24 June 2011

Graze...(code for free box)

40g of Brazils, pecans amd almonds
I love nuts so im always happy when i get theres in my graze box.


 Fruit sundae
Strawberrys , Pineapple and cherry sultans
 In not big on dried fruit so this isnt on of my favourites although it is nicer than some other dried fruits ive tryed.


Fiery Cashews
Cashews roasted with spicy chilli

Love these there one of my faves from graze.

Honeycomb flapjack
The BEST thing from graze.


What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code


I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .

Why not give them a try while there free!
There worth it!!!
You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx

1 comment:

  1. Thanh you so much laura for introducin me to graze, Now I just feel like im having all the best nutrient! :p I swear this friday i had the best graze box ever!! I am loving the dried straberries! :p


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