7 June 2011


This weeks box i wasnt too excited about really,i knew i liked the Korean chilli rice crackers but thats about it.I probably like the seeds to but i havent opend them yet. I knew i definitlly wouldnt like the little figgy went to market asi hate figs so my boys ended up eating that....the granola seed mix wasnt really for me either.

Also trust my my pictures to turn out extra crappy the first post after the #bbloggers chat :( lighting wasnt good at all, i tryed to move placeing and it didnt look to bad while taking them but obviusly when i got them on the computer it was a different story :( .

35g Naked Goodness Seeds
Pumpkin,sunflower ans sesame seeds
Little Figgy Went To Market
40g of baby figs, Apples & cranberries

Korean Chilli rice Crackers
Crunchy rice crackers with spicy chilli

Rating 4.5
Granola Seed Mix
35g og Honey oats, Sultains, Sunflower, Pumpkin & sesame seeds

Rating- 2.5

What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code


I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .

Why not give them a try while there free!
There worth it!!!
You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx


  1. definitely your 600th follower ;) xx

  2. The Korean chilli rice crackers look yummy!!! Congrats on 600 followers xx

  3. I love figs so fig roll is my fave but the lemon honey oatcake dippers and garlic olives are nice :)


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