3 June 2011

The Butterfly Award...

I was recently given the The Butterfly Award by the lovely Tanya over at 'Secrets from behind the mask' - ( Twitter- @ ).
Its always lovely to be passed on an award so Thank you Tanya :).

Rules Of Award

1. Write a random fact about yourself

2. Pass The Award On

3. Notify The Bloggers Who Got It

I always find it hard to do these 'random facts' but...
I love to be out of the house doing something as much as i can and hate coming home after if i havent been out long- I feel like im missing out on the day.
Im going to pass this award on these lovelys ....7

Laura xxx


  1. Aww wow :) thank you so much laura! xx

  2. Aww thank you so much sweetie :) xxx

  3. Hi Laura! Had my tragus done yesterday and are now desperate googling to find other people who've done it. How's it going with yours? Can you upload some photos? For just having it a day mine is quite good! Haha.. Really like your blog! X

  4. hi lovisa, im planning on doing an update post this week on it. It was ok for the first few days but then got really sore and swollen- nearly took it out but its sorted it self out now and is fine :) (thank god) :)xx

  5. can't wait to check out these blogs, so many which i've not come across before! :) xx


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