16 June 2011

400ml of Tropical ...

 The Big bottle is here!!
  Although Batiste have been around years they are really getting in touch with there customers and changing this up to make Batiste the best.

They have gone from the original to lots or different smells, powder form, shimmer, ones with a hint of colour , XXL for extra volume they have made there average bottles bigger and now they have made them huge! .... 400ml!

You can really tell they listen to what there customers want and really listen to there feedback because there just getting better and better.

As a big Batiste fan i am really excited about the 400ml. Normally my bottle lasts for a few uses but always seems to run out quicker than expected.

 Now on those rushed mornings of no time to wash my hair because the boys are up and i need to be out of the house i will pick up a can that still has plently product left in  :)

I love the Tropical scent-  Fruity, coconuty, vanillay smells are my favourite smells so this is perfect.

How much?
The 400ml can is £4.99.

Where from?
It can be picked up at Boots, Superdrug Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Independent chemists.

Laura xxx


  1. Oooh I can't wait to try this out.

    I love anything that smells of coconut lol and Batiste is amazing can't wait to try out their XXL spray:)


  2. Batiste Tropical is my favorite dry shampoo so far, so lovely!


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