24 June 2011

Barry M Blue nails..

I'm feeling in the mood for blue.I don't really wear blue nail polish although i have quite a few different ones but this week i thought id get some use out of it and i actually really like it. especially with a tan it looks really soft and pretty.

The three im using are all Barry M
Blue moon
Nail effects.

First i used Blue moon on all my nails except my ring finger i used the Blueberry.

I had to used a good 2-3 coats of the Bluemoon to get a good colour as it comes on quite sheer at first.
Blueberry is fine with just one coat.

Then over the Blueberry on my ring finger i used the Blue effects.

I normally just do all my nails the same shade but this just makes it a bit more fun and different.
All done.

What colour polish are you wearing?

I dont know whats happened to my pictures recently they looks good quality when i take them and when i get them on the laptop but as soon as i upload theem to blogger the go blury :(

Has this happend to anyone else?

Think im going to have to get my old camera out and see if that works any better.

Laura xxx


  1. I am obsessed with blue nail polish, even though I am currently wearing shocking pink lol

  2. Love blue nail polish :-) I'm currently wearing Barbie Pink nails x

  3. The cracking one looks lush! x

  4. I need blue moon in my life! They're all such beautiful colours xoxo


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