28 May 2011

Collection 2000 Haul...

I picked a few bits up from boots last week all Collection 2000.
I went for the lasting perfection concealer as everyone had been saying how amazing it is and really cheap.
I have always love there Glam Crystals and these two caught my eye straight away.
The colours are so pretty i am totally in love with them.
I have had the Gold and Green one for a while and always liked them so thought id add a few more to my little collection.
I normally wear them when im going on a night out to add a bit extra.

I got the concealer in medium.
Loveeee this colour!
This is- Le Freak- Number 5
Really gorgeous Aqua blue.

This one is Shake it up- Number 11.
Really Pretty purple with different coloured glitter bits in.
You cant really see from the picture but the coloured glitter really makes it!
Its definitely what drew me to it.

I picked the Glam Crystals up for £2.99 each but ive just looked on the Boots website and there now on offer 2 for £5!

I also called in to Superdrug for a points card :)
My sister just got a Job there which shes super excited about :D
Congrats Jess ;)
Laura xxx

1 comment:

  1. I love the glam crystal liners, they're the best glitter liners I've found x


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