30 May 2011

Batiste...XXL Volume!!


Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo is the latest addition to the Batiste family.
I'm sure you all know im a huge Batiste fan ive gone through bottle and bottles of the Stuff!
I love to use it to add volume to my hair so when i found out there was a new one specially for voluming i was so excited about trying it!

The Bottle now have new packaging to with picture's showing the steps with i think is great!

....and its bigger!!!!

This had got to be the best thing they could have done?
The product is great but always runs out to fast!?
Instead of 150ml They are now 200ml, but there is also a 400ml!!
I need to get one of the 400ml!

I'm really excited about the new size/volumising formula all they need now is to make the 'with a hint of colour' ones bigger and volumising because i think that has to be my favourite range although now im blonde again i don't mind the original but when i was darker i loved the brown hint of colour.

I was in need if a bit of a lift today so i gave the new bottle a try.......

You can see here my hair i flat and oily, i was rushing to get out of the house and didn't have time to wash it in the morning ....

....After oiliness has gone and my roots don't look as bad :)
I Love Batiste on days like this!!

The 200ml XXL is £3.99 ,you can get it at Boots and superdrug
Sainsbury’s and other Pharmacies.
Laura xxx


  1. Ah finally a bigger bottle, definitely getting some of these!

  2. You look lovely! It looks fab, I'll need to pick up a bottle today!

  3. Def need to be getting myself a can of this! x

  4. eee I'm so happy they've done a bigger bottle! Gonna look out for this, I love my dry shampoo :) xxx

  5. This stuff looks brilliant, want some for sure as love Batiste & also use it to volumise so this special version is a fab idea! Thank you! xxx

  6. I get quite a lot of volume from the original so I can't wait to try this! Never have enough volume.


  7. You make it all look so easy! I'm going to try it out and post photos of my results.


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