16 March 2011

whats happening?...

Very exciting busy week for me this week :)
We go on hoilday on sunday night (3am) to the isle of wight.Hoping the boys will sleep on the long drive down to the ferry other wise it could get a bit crazy!
Were going down for 4 nights so will get back friday night.

 Im thinking of doing a few Vlog videos while down there?

Jason has some family down there so will be good to see them.
His grandad is also buried the so will be visiting him <3.
He was a driver for Sherings coatchs for a long time(which my dad is not doing :) ) so when he passed all the drivers had him his own bench made in one of the hotel gardens so we always go and sit there :)
 Its in the broadway hotel if any of you have been?
Its at the top of those steps i have a really lovely picture of it from the day it was put in but its not on this compture :(.
Meet up...
Its also the blogger meet up in Sheffield next saturday so im hoping to get there as its not to far.
Really looking forward to meeting other bloggers to because as we all talk alot on twitter it feels like we know each other already so will be lovely to actually meet in person.
Will be kind of scary at the same time though, but im sure it will be fine as everyone so lovely and will be feeling the same.
Are you going to be there?
all details on the meet up can be for on laurens blog here

Also finally getting a new phone its time for my upgrade so im getting the Iphone which im excited about.Ive been using jasons for months(he couldnt wait till the upgrade so payed extra to have his early), so i know that im going to love it. It will make doing litte videos and been on twitter alot easyer as my current phone like to get stubbon and will randomly decide it doesnt want to go on the internet.

Does anyone know how long it take for H&M to deliver?
I ordered a few bits a few days ago and it hasnt come yet :(

Laura xxx


  1. Have a fantastic time on hol. Look forward to hearing all about it and I hope the boys are good on the journey.
    H&M take ages to deliver :o( My last order was just over a week xx

  2. awww no way i want to take the stuff away with me! :(

  3. My boyfriend lives in Portsmouth which is right next to the Isle of Wight (obviously) and I've been there once and I loved it. Hope you have a lovely time and hope the boys behave on the journey. :)


  4. thanks :) we love going over there :) feels like a second home lol
    thats where we get the ferry from :) xx

  5. been to the isle of wight twice, love it there, so relaxing, have a lovely time! :) x

  6. Have a nice time chick!

    Pippa x

  7. Have a great time and hope you can make it to the blog meet :) xx


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