4 March 2011

Today...Make up/my day/family traditions :)...

Mac- face and body
Mac msf -soft and gentle
Sleek blush - Rose gold
MUA- bronzer-shade 4
Mac fluidline
Bare Study paint pot
Naked lunch

Today i have just been to the post office to send of my giveaway prize.

Then we took the boys to a local restaurant/play area for dinner, they loveeee running round there and playing in the ball pool :).
We've made it our new 'Family tradtion' :) once a week we go out for dinner so they boys can have fun and play with other kids :).
I love been able to make new traditions with my own little family :)
Now its time to relax at home with a movie till bed time.

And tonight i will be going doing the big dreaded food shop with my mummy <3 while the boys sleep.

Finally its mummy time and i get to sit down at the computer and catch up on blogs and as its Friday that means Jersey Shore, Vampire diaries and No ordinary family.:)

What have you been up to today?

Do you have any weekly family traditions?
When i was younger we alwaysss had a chinese on a saturday night.:) yummm

Laura xxx


  1. We always get a curry takeaway on a friday night, i love it :)

  2. The only tradition my lil fam have is for xmas eve we always wear new pjs!! And open one present!! I wana make some traditions tho!! Nice for my lil man to remember when he's older!!

  3. yea we always did that too :) ive been doing it with the boys to carry it on :) x

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  5. Me and my fella usually try and go to the cinema every week as a tradition and me and my mom use to have fast food fridays.. EVERY FRIDAY! Hehehe :o)

    I'm a new follower, come check mine out: http://live-laugh-love-fashion.blogspot.com/


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