15 March 2011

MUA swatches and a little hidden suprise....

I have seen the MUA lipstick popping up all over the blogger/YT world recently and i was curious to try them out myself as they have had may good reviews, so while in Superdrug on Saturday i picke a few shades up to try.

For me after trying these six i much prefer the plain shades to the shimmery ones as they are alot more moisturising and creamier.
The shimmery ones have bits of glitter in and you can feel the pieces and although they look pretty the feel of them would annoy me, i have noticed some of the shimmer shade are worse than others

Saying that for £1 you cant really complain and for that price i think they are well worth it!
Deffinitly some to try out.

Shade 3
This one i think is a more plummier version of MACs impassioned.

Shade 4
This is my favourite shade out of them all and the one that was broke :( typical ey!
Think il have to go pick up a new one.
Shade 5
Shade 7

This shade reminds me on MACs Ravishing on the picture.

Shade 11

Shade 12

Also and little hidden extra with MUA lipsticks is at the bottom there is a lipgloss/lipstick primer.

Ive heard differnt people say its different things maybe its just a bit of the lipstick stuffed in the bottom to show the colour,im not 100% sure.
Its also nice to find a little suprise though right?

All MUA products are £1 and can be found at Superdrug.

Laura xxxx


  1. I NEED to try these out so bad,i had a red one ages ago and lost it :(

    shade 3 looks so nice

    kate xo

  2. THey look sooo pretty on, i've never tried MUA but after seeing the swatches i think i need to! xx

  3. I never knew about the bit at the bottom haha! xx

  4. Ahh as soon as my make-up ban finishes for lent i'm gonna get some of these! Shade 3 looks lovely! x

  5. Awh the little surprise is cute - but ya prob just extra product!!

  6. Oh my goodness I totally didn't know this was at the bottom!
    I have shade 7, I adore it!
    Definately going to pick more up now though xxx

  7. that peachy one looks amazing :D

  8. I have about 4 of the mua lipsticks i am the same dont like the glittery ones.

    It is more rpoduct in the bottom


  9. I have like 4 of these and never knew they had a suprise at the bottom LOL

  10. HA i also have a couple of these and didn't know about the surprise in the bottom. I'm going upstairs to investigate now lol

  11. i have a lot of these, had no idea about the bit at the bottom lol . Just thought it was to show colour!!

    These remind me of the nyx round lipsticks.

  12. I love MUA Lipsticks just for the fact they are so cheap so you can pick one up whenever and you don't feel guilty about it.
    I agree though that the shimmer ones feel scratchy on the lips but are very pretty, have you tried the glosses? The ones that are not in the tubes are really nice not sticky and a good colour and the eyeshadows? The pearl type ones are soooo pigmented! Ha! Such a long comment, will leave now :) xxx

  13. So cute and fun, thanks for sharing.

    Enter my giveaway:

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  14. I tried getting the bottom off the one I had and it didn't budge x

  15. Deffo hate how much glitter there is in the glosses, sticks, and shadows. Also the blushers and powderes i love the actual colours but hate the fragrance of old womens roses!

    so much wrong withn this line but so much is good aswell =D
    i like the variety of shades you can get :)
    But the lipsticks do fade quite alot... oh well for a £1 you cant complain, just nice shades x

  16. i cant get the bottom off mine?

  17. it was hard to get of some of mine to, just kept trying because i wanted to see what it was inside lol

  18. Have you heard about MUA and Alexandera Burkes new product? Their bringing out a "Lip Boom" its a double ended product with a matte lipstick and a lipgloss/highlighter, there in Superdrug May 9th for only £3 ?xxx

  19. LipstickLadyLuscious.9 July 2012 at 11:51

    Love shade 5. This lipstick is great, even though it has glittery bits in it.. This is the perfect one as it doesn't have too much in.


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