2 February 2011

Pool Party-China Glaze Poolside

Here's another China Glaze Polish i recently picked up.
Again this one is from there 2010 Poolside collection.
This is a super bright neon pink.
I did a post a few days ago on there Flip Flop Fantasy which looks a a bright pink although when you put them next to each other you can see the Flip flop fantasy has more of a orange under tone and Pool Party is more a true bright pink.
These dry super fast im not sure if its because there more neon colours?but they definitely dry faster than other China Glaze polishes i have tryed.
You do need a few coats to get a good bright colour but it is definitely a summer fave and i am looking forward to using this alot!
Great summer colour if you looking to start you summer collection :)

Flip flop fantasy, Pool Party

Laura xxx


  1. Im not a pink person but these are so pretty x

  2. Wowww such a pretty shade!!! Looks lovely:)

  3. I bought pool party last year and can;t wait to wear it on my toes this summer. Such a great colour!

  4. Oooh these are fab. Perfect Summer colours. I have a simliar Milani one to your Pool Party. How much are these? Are they comparable to Opi do you know? Staying powere wise like?

  5. I think i payed less than £2 each i got 3 and it came to just under £12 and that with delivery from america :) realy good!
    I would say there comparable to opi yea i have both and there both really good.
    i got mine from beautyzone2007 on ebay they do both opiand china glaze ( a few others aswell)
    :) xx

  6. I got Turned up Turquiose and Towel Boy Toy last year and lovvvvve Towel Boy Toy for the summer! It's a gorge blue and I think it's cos they're matte that they dry so quickly. I loved that it matched the colour of the pool and the sky in Spain last summer :) would love the pink one


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