20 February 2011

How much is your face worth?Tag!

So for this tag you write all the products you use on your face daily.
Your normal everyday makeup .

I love looking at this post and seeing what people wear because i think the products someone wears on a day to day basis have to be there faves?

1.Epaderm cream-£12.00
I get this from my sister, it is the BEST cream i have ever use.I wear it every single day and would be lost with out it.

2.St moritz - £3.99?
I dont feel the same with out a little bit of tan on my face.
 I normally wear St tropez but recently run out and this is a great alternative and much cheaper :)

3.Mac Face and body foundation- £23.50
I swap between three foundations depending on what coverage i want that day.
The three i use are face and body, studio sculpt and studio fix.

4.Mac Studio Sculpt concealer-£13.50

5.Benefit 10 bronzer-£23.50

6.Msf in soft and gentle-£20.50

7.Mac paint pot in bare study-£13.50

8.Mac eyeshadow-naked lunch,all that glitters and twinks-£28.50
These are what i wear if i wear shadow but this last week i haven't been wear anything on the lid just liner and mascara

9.Mac black track-£13.50

10.Mac splash proof lash-£13.50

11.Mac lipstick in gaga or myth-£13.50

12.Sleek blush in rose gold-£4.29

This has been my everyday make up through out winter pretty much but i have to say this last week or 2 i haven't been wearing anything on my lid so i will put that amount too.

Total-£187.28- OUCH

Without eyes done

I actually feel really bad that i spend that much on things i put on my face everyday!

Although the things i have do last me much longer than when i was buying more drugstore makeup.The msf i don't think ill ever run out of.

I am going to tag everyone to do this comment below and let me know so i can have a read :)

Also i would like to tag a few people


Im going to have another tag up soon-getting to know me better :)




  1. Cant WAIT to do this Tag... such a good idea. Will take me a couple of days to get all the prices together!! You're right, it is expensive but higher end products do tend to last longer than drug store alternatives. I love St. Tropez but have recently bought the St. Moritz to try so pleased you've said its a good alternative!

    Laura xoxo

  2. Great post, ouch im cringing at how much it costs when you break it down like that.
    I will definately be doing this soon xx

  3. Irts mad to think how much the stuff we wear on a day-to-day basis adds up! Its mad! xx

  4. Wow!! That added up fairly nicely didnt it!! I'll def to this, thanks for tagging missus!! :)

  5. I loved reading this post, did it myself :)



  6. great idea :)
    can you tell me how you fake tan your face?
    & does st moriz cause spots? xx

  7. hi jody, i use a tanning mitt at minute but i used to just use my fingers and rub it in. Its never caused spots for me ive been doing it as long as i can remember am i have clear skin :) x

  8. Such a great idea :)

    Just found your blog and like it a lot - following :)



  9. Hey Laura!
    I did the tag, here it is if you wanna take a look :) http://www.secretsbehindtheclosetdoor.com/2011/02/how-much-is-your-face-worth-tag.html


  10. Hiya, just did this tag, hope you don't mind but I mentioned you in my post.


    Pippa x

  11. Fun post and this is an interesting tag.;D

    ***** Marie *****


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