28 February 2011


 On Saturday night we had a little get together for my friend who is about to have her first baby.

We went for a lovely meal at a local restaurant.
I love meeting up with the girls i went to school with and having a good catch up and remembering all the fun times weve had.
Everyones life changes so much after leaving school and you all go of , live your own life and its very easy to drift apart, so on special occasions  i love meet up.

Seen as though  it was a baby shower i thought i would take my baby along.So off me and jakey went while daddy and baby C played at home.

What i wore ..
I was in a rush so had to throw on what ever i had left in my wardrobe.
I also had black leggings and uggs on.
I didnt bother putting any extentions in just a really quick messy plait at the front :).

The Present <3

I decided to go for something that could be kept.
I picked out somthing that i knew i would of loved to get for my first baby.

*A 2011 baby keepsake box- i love the fastening.
*2011 teddy
*set of mini keepsake boxes for
-first curl
-first tooth
-name tag
*I love mummy and mummy love me baby grow :)

Jake had lots of fun too ripping all of the presents open .

(The pics are really bad quality due to lighing and been taken on my phone)



Laura xxx


  1. Aw such a sweet post! You looked lovely and all the gifts you got your mate were so cute! x

  2. Aw thats so sweet :)
    Lovely idea for a post :)
    izzy x

  3. love the gifts, so thoughtful and awwww your little boy is sooo cute! xx

  4. Aww what a gorgeous and thoughtful present you put together.

  5. Keeping in touch with friends is always great.:D

    Nice casual outfit and those are sweet presents!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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