15 January 2011

Mac haul...

Theres a few things that have been on my 'il get it next time' list from Mac for a long time and i never seem to get them even though there things i really want to try out so, instead of getting other things this time i just got the things i would normally opt to 'getnext time'.
Msf in soft and gentle
Msf natural in medium plus
Blacktrack fluidline
Nacked lunch eyeshadow.

Im really happy i finally got round to getting them.

-The msf was the newest to my list and i never really think to get them when im on the website but its a really lovely shade and a great hightlighter.
-The Msf natural is something i have seen so many YT/bloggers talk about and love, i don't think i have heard anything bad about it, but i have always put it to the bottom on my list because I've never really been in to powders and i hate the cakey look so have stay as far away as possible but i am really happy with it so far and it does make my makeup look cakey at all.
-Fluidline i have been meaning to get for a long time and i love it! i thing its going to be my main eyeliner for a long time.
-Finally the Naked lunch i knew i would love, my sister has it as i always use hers when shes here or im at my mums.Its  a perfect lid colour great for everyday looks.

I will do a more detailed review of these when ive used them a bit more so i can tell you 100% what i thing and if i think there worth getting.

Laura xXx


  1. Great products. I have all but the fluidline. Love the nice glow from the MSF

  2. I've heard many great things about MAC'S fluidline! Have you tried any other black cream liners yet?

  3. great product honey..i really want to buy them soon.

  4. I'm glad you like your MSFN, I love mine! The only thing is it doesn't photograph well.. :/

  5. I have wanted the msf in soft and gentle for a while and also I need the fluidline I have wanted it forevver x

  6. Nice haul. I use Blacktrack loads...it's one of my HF eyeliners.
    Great blog!
    Zoe x
    Click here for my blog, Diamond Solitaire

  7. I really want that eyeliner! xx

  8. funnyfacebeauty-yeah me to its so pretty :)

    Amaris-this is my first gel/cream liner and i love it so much!

    Rakhshanda-there great you should def check them out :).

    makeYuUp-i do im so glad its not like i was expecting :) ohh no doesnt it :( really ruins it when i have to be carefully i dont wear certin things when im going to be in pictures :(

    chralotte-its really nice and the fluidline is amazing!best liner ive used!stays on all day and doesnt crease at all i love it!cant belive ive been getting others over this! x

    zoe- its great isnt it :) really loving it!

    orla-get it!:) its great xx

  9. So much makeup! I wish I could understand, great blog though! =D



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