16 January 2011

Have you been Tangoed?...

As you will now if you have been reading my blog for a while, how much i love Denman brushes.
They are are always bringing out new funky styles and different smelling brushes which is one of the things i really like about them is that there are just so many to choose from so you can pick one that suits your personality.
Originally there were four brushes in there tutti frutti range which included
Green Apple, Strawberry Shortcake, Wild Dewberry or Lemon Sherbet.
but they have recently added a
Orange Tango,
to the collection which i am really happy to see an orange in there .
It has a great Zingy orangey zest to it.

What i think?
The smell is nice and fresh,
It actually reminds me or walking in to the bodyshop with all the yummy smells of their soaps.I think there maybe a soap that smells the same as this brush,which is now making me want to rush over to the bodyshop and pick it up!
The smell on these brushes also lasts and doesn't go after a week of using it,i also have the strawberry one from this range which i have been using everyday for around 4 months and the smell is still there.
I also love the colour of this one the pad is a bright orange with is really bold and summery.
As i have said before in posts about the Denman brushes, i love how they make my hair feel and that they are a great all round brush.
I would definitely recommend this brush and would 100% re-purchase.

What Denman say?
Classic Styling Brush.
        *Ideal for smoothing,shaping &styling.
*Close-set pin pattern for extra grip & control.
*Suitable for all lenghs and types of hair.
*Used by hairdressers worldwide.
*Professionally mad for professional results.
These limited editions smell as good as they look and the fruity feel-good fragrances last, yet won’t transfer to your hair or clash with your perfume.

Loving how bright the orange is!

What do you think have you tryed any of the
Denman range?

Laura xxx


  1. These are lovely! I have the strawberry one and LOVE it I bet the orange smells lush! :) x

  2. there great brushes arnt they? i have strawberry too which ive been using everyday since i got it :) x

  3. i have the strawberry scented ones. I have never used any other brand of brush x

  4. I have never heard of the company before but I like the idea of a scented brush!


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