31 December 2010

Sparkle -Sleek plalette swatches

Here is sleeks limited addition sparkle palette which is full with great sparkly colours perfect for party's.

All the shades in this palette have names with them unlike all the other palettes i have,which makes it easyer..

from the top left...
Cranberry,Dream maker, Galactic,Twinkle,Star light,noir,
Illsion,Festive,Mistletoe,Glitz&Glamour,Gold ribbon,Tinsel.

All super pigmented, the thing i love about these is that the sparkle is all different colours and not just gold or silver just makes it look prettier and more fun :)

You cant really see it from the pictures it looks all silver :( ill try and get a better close up picture :)

Which is your favourite sleek palette?

Again all £5.99

Laura xxx


  1. I have Storm and Sunset so far, and won this one through a Giveaway (but I haven't had it sent yet!). I like Storm the best, but I'm excited to try this one out!

  2. I have this and it is so good I love Sleek :)
    Happy new year BTW xx

  3. Oh I can't wait to get this...its so gorgeous!

  4. fab post huni ... i think my fav sleek palette has to be either storm or sunset but not the bright orange or blue from the sunset palette lol!


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