16 December 2010

Mac haul...

I feel like i haven't blogged in forever! My head has just been mashed this last week and i haven't been able to sit down and concentrate on writing a post,Ive tryed every night i have about 7 half written posts that need to be finished!

Ive been busy trying to get the house sorted for Christmas and all the shopping done (still not!) plus my sister has been shopping over and if you follow me on twitter you might have seen that my grandad died last week which has hit the family hard.

In the middle of all this i picked up some MAC things while doing our Christmas shopping which meant i got to visit a counter and get matched for foundation.I had been asking on twitter for help as i really wanted a new foundation with more coverage but wasn't sure on my colour and couldn't get anywhere to find out which meant order online with a guess, i ended up going for NW25.
I wanted to try a few out so asked the girl at the counter and she tryed on on me along with a concealer and......when i looked which she has picked for me i was really pleased NW25 :).
Here's everything i got..

Studio fix fluid NW25
Studio sculpt NW25
Studio sculpt concealer NW25
Technakohl liner-Graphblack
Satin taupe
Studio sculpt foundation
This is what i ordered online with the lucky guess of nw25-perfect :)
really like this so far.

Studio fix fluid-nw25

studio sculpt & studio fix
sculpt is more of a gel & fix is more water based
Studio sculpt concealer-nw25
sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix

Graphblack,sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix
Satin taupe

Graphblack,sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix,satin taupe.

I will do reviews on these when i have tryed them out a bit more and let you all know what i think :)
Whats your favourite foundation?

RIP Grandad <3



  1. I'm really sorry about Grandad.hope your okay xxxx

  2. Great haul. I love MAC Studio Sculpt. My condolences to you and your family. It's hard coping with death, but I hope your family is doing the best that they can do. :(

  3. lovely haul and im sorry about ur grandpa...;(

  4. Really sorry to hear that *HUGs* x

    I really want to try the body and face foundation x

  5. i've just posted a mac haul too :) xx

  6. Aww chick so sorry about your grandad, I hadnt seen it on twitter so sorry!
    I just got satin taupe and love it! x

  7. Christmas is such a stressful time. Sorry to hear about your grandad.

  8. great buys , thanks for sharing your grand dad with us

  9. Satin taupe looks fab! So sorry about your grandpa x

  10. Sorry to hear about your grandad. Hope you're ok chick. Sending you big hugs xxxxx

    Satin Taupe looks great with Print for a different smokey eye xxxxx

  11. great haul, I like the gel based on the best only problem is that my shade i got is too light for me when I fake tan!

    I had satin taupe I am sure but it smashed!! lol

    hope your okay xxx

  12. thanks girls :)
    sherrie the face and body is really good :)
    adele- yeah i like the gel on better so far i think!


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