2 December 2010

johnsons face care & visiby clear...

As my Simple make up remover and cleanser was running low i decided to go for something different this time i want to try out different bands to find better things. I have a habit of finding something i think is good and sticking will it when there are better things out there.

I decided to go for Johnson's face care, i have quite sensitive dry skin or i wanted to go for something that i knew wouldn't be to harsh.
Plus it was only £4 for both items at boots!
I have been using these for a few weeks now and so far i love them a lot more than simple i find they fake my make up of a lot easier and faster.
I eye make up remover has a weird feeling to it not bad but usually you can feel the coldness of a product on your face but with this you cant.

The refreshing cleansing lotion its lovely it smells really fresh and citrusy not something i would expect from a Johnson's product i really like this it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed :).

I find this quite strong smelling and stings my eyes a little when i use it on my cheeks/nose.
I have never used anything like this before so wanted to give it a try .
I have noticed it working although i will probably try a different one next time to see if theres one with a better smell.
I think this was just under £4 from boots.


  1. Have you tried the J+J face cream?? Honestly that stuff is working wonders for me with this horrid weather. Only £4 a pot too. Need to try the cleansing lotion xxx

  2. no i havnt but im def going to give it a try! :) x

  3. really like this post..Want to hear more from you in future @beautytipshub Thanks for this one:)

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