1 December 2010

Fanta, cola lips?....

I seem to have been buying a lot of lip products recently, its not something i usually get lots of but they just seem to be catching my eye while shopping at the moment.
Here are 3 i got last week (i have got more since so will review them in a later post).

These so lip smackers caught my eye while at the till in primark, there not something i would usually look twice at especially in primark but that day they did.I was really curious to know what they smelled like and at only £1.50 each i threw them in my basket.
They smell so good,really sweet.
The fanta one smells orangey just like fanta and the cola one smells like the little penny cola bottles.
They do have a few other flavours i want to try out,
cherry cola
and im sure there was another but i cant remember :/.
I think these would make a great little stocking filler for sisters,daughters,friends.
They are really nice on the lips moisturising and not drying at all and they smell amazing :).

I also pick up the little Green tin from superdrug this is such great value for money at less than £1.
Smells just like apples :)
same feeling as works just like vasaline but with a yummy smell :).

Great to keep in your bag through winter :)



  1. ooo i well want cola lips! haha! will probs make me crave coke a lot but i like the novelty idea =) xx

  2. These are perfect for winter. :)


  3. Ahhh those are soooo cute! :) I'm so sad that the primark here in Holland only sells the clothes and shoes not anything beauty related :(


  4. omg! I absolutely have to come to england for a shopping-session! :)

  5. I got these in the US a while ago, different ones as well... they had Froot Loops and Hershey's and stuff as well. I love them! x

  6. Ooh I'm glad you did a post about these! I saw these at the till in primark and was intrigued but I have far too many lip balms etc :)


  7. I want a Sprite one! How cool!


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