20 November 2010

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About who is she???

Hey my name Ray aka Who is She, I’m 25, and I come from Durham. I find the simplest of things amusing and at times don't make any sense.. you're about to find this out for yourself haha.


1. Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?
1- Lipstick- any nudes/pinks from Mac make me happy
2- Crest Whitening Strips. I use these once or twice a month to brighten my smile.
3- Mascara- I like the spider eyes look.
4- Bronzer. Mac Refined Golden is my holy grail of bronzers. My motto is “how bronzed is too bronze?” haha
5- Black Eyeliner- the thicker the better. I’ve just about mastered the hang of doing flicks J I use Mac Fluidline in Black track and a small angled brush.

2.What things do you use everyday with out fail?

Hmmm this is a bit of a toughie- I always moisturise my skin. I use Hawaiian Tropic body butter, and then Johnson and Johnson Hydrating Cream on my face. Wear Mascara/Bronzer/Mac Eyeshadow in Shroom- I don’t like to wear too much make up to work, but these are my staples. Wear perfume- my favs atm are Prada, Chanel Chance, Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb.

3.Whats your favourite makeup brand?
Mac is by far my favourite make up brand, to some it may be pricey however I believe you get your money worth and it lasts. Although sometimes I think the make up brushes can be a bit over priced *cough- blush brush* I love the wide variation of products which they do, and the fact that their products are so pigmented anyone regardless of their skin tone/colour can wear their products and look good. I swear by their blacks and greys for a smoky eye, and their nude/pink lipsticks/glosses (my all time favourite is Plink!).

4.I love fake tan, whats your favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
I am obsessed with being tanned- the browner (not orange) the better. I swear by St Tropez Self Tan Mousse, as it doesn’t streak and lasts quite a while. I get the large bottle from ebay normally for £15 (shop around to get a bargain). A tip to keep your tan in longer is to keep moisturising- I swear by Hawaiian Tropic body butter- this keeps your fake (and real) tan in for longer, and it smells just like holidays.

5.What has been your favourite nail colour/brand for this season?
Best brands has to be Models Own and Barry M- depending on what colour I want to wear this dictates which brand I use. Eg baby pink- Barry M is better than MO, MO Black is better than Barry M’s. Favourite colours at the moment- Mushroom and Flamigno Pink by Barry M and Misty Grey and Nude Beige from MO. However you can never go wrong with Black nails.

6.How would you describe your fashion style?
Its hard to describe-its a mish mash of high street and designer- I can be a Topshop clone at times. I wear head to toe primark for work. Ultimately I believe that accessories make an outfit- be a ring, a bag, or a pair of shoes. My go to items are gold bangles (I am obsessed with ghetto gold) and lots of rings.

7.Which celebritys style do you love?
Rasin face aka Rachel Zoe. Who else can wear flared jeans, a fur gillet, oversized sunglasses and a statement panther ring and look good? Erm not me. I also love Khloe Kardashian, as she shows that being tall you can still wear 6” heels and look fab.

8.What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?
As long as your happy and comfortable in what you wear and you love it and feel good- that is fashion. You dictate fashion. For me at this time of year is a leather bomber jacket- dress it up or down, it always looks good and Animal Print.

9. What are 3 random facts about you?
· I am too tall- I’m 5’ 10” in flats and I have shrinking feet. I used to be a size 9 now I am an 8. This is the one good thing about getting older.
· I nearly had a fight with a granny when I went to see Take That last year at the Stadium of Light- she was walking too slow haha.
· I am quite intelligent, however I have no common sense at all.

Heres what you can expect to see at who is she???

Unleash your inner Bet Lynch…

Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year for fashion (excluding the rubbish weather of course)- why… two words…


I honestly can’t get enough of the stuff- be it shirts, ballet pumps, boots, tees, jackets, underwear the more the better. These are my favourites off the High Street- however a word of warning… under no circumstances will you EVER wear animal print with white heels. That is a major fashion no no. Wear dresses with blazers, shirts with jeans and a bomber jacket, brighten up a plan black outfit with some killer heels- the list is endless.

Topshop Vintage Faux Fur Jacket £98
Topshop Dress £45
KG Ellison Boots £150
Reiss Blouse £59
Whistles Chevron Dress £150
Louis Vuitton Scarf £455

Mighty roar or a grrr anyone?? xx

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  1. hahaha I shouldn't be allowed to climb on things when drunk xxx

  2. im loving these laura, i love finding new blogs! xx

  3. i love reading blog interviews (:,xxx


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