19 November 2010

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About vipxo
Im 21 and im starting my final year as BA fashion design and production student. I live with my boyfriend in a small apartment outside of Leeds. I like bubble baths, cups of tea and orange chocolate! Im a real bargin hunter, and thinks Topshop is really overrated!


1. Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?

The most important thing to have is make up wipes, i can't live without them. I use them all the time, i find them so refreshing.
A good foundation, i hate girls who have the massive orange lines on the side of their face. I got mine from Clinique after a consultation.
Eye lash curler, they make such a difference.
Vaseline, because nothing else is better for keeping smoochy lips.
Hair clips, i always carry a few around in my bag incase you have an emergency

2.What things do you use everyday with out fail?
Im not an everyday make up person, but i always try to curl my lashes and put some colour on my cheeks.

3.Whats your favourite makeup brand?
Barry M! I've been buying their glitter dust for ages, i love the variety of colours they offer! The nail polishes are lush too!

4.I love fake tan, whats your favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
I've never used fake tan.

5.What has been your favourite nail colour/brand for this season?
Im loving the mushroom/brown colours.

6.How would you describe your fashion style?
Im still wearing things i wore 3 years ago, i don't like to wear the same as everyone else. So i'll wear it a few months later.

7.Which celebritys style do you love?
Im not one for following celebs, they have the money to look amazing 24/7 which is just not realistic. But i love the quirkiness of Gizzi Erskine

8.What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?
Im obsessed with coats/capes! Im seriously lusting over cream coloured ones.

9. What are 3 random facts about you?
A picture of my 21st birthday cake was put on Vivienne Westwoods desk.
I have a foundation degree in fashion design & production.
I have the same birthday as Mandy Moore.

Heres an OOTD picture you can find at vipxo


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  1. i'd like to be featured on your blog, my email is dionne278@hotmail.com

  2. I would like to be featured on your blog




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