18 November 2010

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           About Starsglittermagic

so a little bit about me! i am 23 and i am an only child from london. i have recently graduated from bournemouth university and am going back to do a masters which im very excited about!! i have had a passion for cosmetics from an unhealthy age of about 12 as my best friend at the time (who was 3 years older than me) was starting to use cosmetics so i would join in with her and play around with makeup! i've pretty much dabbled ever since and as i've grown up the addiction has too :P my weak spot is makeup and whenever i have the money thats where i splurge!

1. Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?
mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, blusher, batiste!

2.What things do you use everyday with out fail?
powder and mascara (and usually some eyeliner thrown in for good measure too :P)

3.Whats your favourite makeup brand?
all time favourite is mac but i also love pixi, lime crime and the makeup store

4.I love fake tan, whats your favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
i use rimmel sun shimmer in light shimmer. i like this because it washes off. i had a bad experience with permeant fake tan that left me very streaky so ive been scared to use one ever since!

5.What has been your favourite nail colour/brand for this season?
i would say elf because they are so cheap and pretty good quality for the price

6.How would you describe your fashion style?
i don't really spend a lot of money on fashion as i would usually rather spend it on makeup :P i like wearing dresses and leggings and im tall so anything thats long is perfect!

7.Which celebritys style do you love?
i love laid back celebrity styles like rachel bilson

8.What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?
my favourite beauty trend is neutral eyes. i know this isn't really a 'trend' but i never usually wear neutral on my eyes and after buying the UD naked pallet im addicted!

9. What are 3 random facts about you?
im an only child, i am left handed and i hate tomatoes but love tomato ketchup!

Heres what you can expect from starsglittermagic :)

What i keep in my handbag makeup bag!
 i keep two small makeup bags in my handbag pretty much all the time. one is my small mac hello kitty bag that keeps my favourite/daily lip products in it.

 the second is a small square mac bag that keeps everything else in it.
 at the moment my hello kitty bag has a tester for the eva perfume by benefit, a cheapy new look lipstick that adds just a bit of colour and lightens my lips, mac myth and benefit lip gloss in life on the a list.
 in my bigger bag i have a chanel compact mirror that comes in a little pouch to keep it clean, a comb, shine eraser papers by elf, a mini benefit bad gal lash mascara, a mini UDPP that i got in my naked pallet, a mac lip conditioner in petting pink and a mac blot powder in medium.
 everything i keep are my 'essentials' and are perfect for touching up throughout the day =)

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                                         Laura xXX


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