28 November 2010

My hair history....

Hi guys :)
I thought i would take you through my hair history as i got blonder and blonder then from blonde to brown a million times...ok that maybe a bit of exaggeration but youl see. I love seeing these types of posts so thought i would share mine with you :).
The first two were taken in 2005 in my last year at high school i had been getting high lights for a while but i think this is around the time that you can really see and i cant find any earlyer pictures on my computer lol.


Then here is 2006 when it starts to get blonder and i wore extensions alot, glued in ones aswell, not good i would not recommend and would NEVER have them again! It hurt so much trying to get them out and half my hair came out with them. I have worn clip-in ones since.

2007 (september)
This was taken when we went to butlins in skegness for my birthday (30th september). I cant belive how much weight i put on in a year!
2007 (sometime between october and december.
I noticed while looking through my picture my hair got a lot blonder as i lost weight.
I think i lost 2and a half1-2 stone between my birthday pics (30th sept)and christmas.

2007 new years eve.
Christmas time :) very happy and blonde :)

2008 jan-feb
This is a few days after i found out i was pregnant i decided to finally go dark i had been thinking about it for a while and this was the decider.I didnt want to put bleach on my head all the time while pregnant so i went for it.So scary!!
Half way through and still rocking the brown with little jake in my belly :)

Our yearly trip to isle of wight (jason has family there) as you can see here i was missing the blonde and had a few highlights.(after looking on the internet alot and finding it isnt as bad as dyeing your full head as when bleaching the product does touch you scalp).

2008 august day before sisters wedding around 34weeks pregnant.
And here with my hugeee baby belly i when a bit lighter it was summer and my sister was getting marryed :).

2008 somtime between oct and december.
I went dark again! Its was easyer especially having a newborn to look after i didnt think about my hair for a while.

August 2009 jasons mums wedding abput 35-36 weeks pregnant.
Few highlights again-no extentions! pregnancy worked miricals for my hair lol.
Cringe!!hate this picture!

2009 December
Oh supiseee were back dark LOL
Christmas day :)

Around may i think, summers coming and i miss blonde!

Summer 2010

Roots were annoying me again so put a dark blonde colour on and it came out like this.

I had some layers put in and a light brown colour on.

September 2010
Mt birthday this year not sure if i had put another colour on between these picture but here it has started fading.

And finally now!

Which do you prefer blonde or dark?
Thinking of going blonde again :/
Suprised i have any hair left lol

Laura xXx


  1. Wish I suited both colours like you!! Xxx

  2. i really like it dark, you have such a nice skin colour that it doesnt look gothy or make you washed out! :) x


  3. Your babies are adorable, and your hair looks lovely dark - thats the colour I'm hoping to go soon :)


  4. wow wish i had the guts to switch up my hair colour like you! the only thing i am brave enough to do is add more highlights :P i think i prefer your hair dark but both looks gorgeous xx

  5. Wow your hair must be very strong lol I think you can suit both, I do like the blonde the best tho great post loved it x

  6. You suit both hair colours but I think you look best dark :) and your boys are gorgeous!

  7. I think you're so gorgeous with both colors! But I definitely prefer dark on you... That last picture from 2008 is so pretty!! :)
    I really enjoyed this post! I didn't know someone can go from dark to blond that fast! :D I always thought it takes months to go lighter :D
    Never tried it myself though ... ;)

    PS: your children are super adoreable!!

  8. you're so cute !!!
    i love both colors on you !
    but dark hair make you look a bit older !!!

    xx !

  9. wow! that alot of changes aha, i prefer you blonde :) xx

  10. woah! you've been through a lot of hair colors. :) my favorite is the august 2009 one at your mom's wedding. :)

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  11. You can seriously take either colour so well. Why don't you go red for a change? haha
    Your hair looks beautiful in all the pics you lucky lady xx

  12. i was thinking of going red today lol like cheryl red :/ :)

  13. Wow, you're lucky to suit both light and dark hair! You look beautiful with either. Your children look so cute!

  14. I like both, but dark all the way! x


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