9 November 2010

Lush-snow fairy

Ive seen lots of lush loves rave about this so much since it came back for christmas.
It smells so good.
Its pink.
It has glitter
As its a shower gel you can use it on your hair to which it states.I have never used shower gels on my hair be i just always thought they wouldnt be any good at making my hair nice and soft so never botherd. This smells so good thought i had to give it a try
.I put it on while using conditioner just incase it drys my hair.
The smell stays in my hair for a day or so i notice it most when im straighting, the heat brings out the amazing snow fairy yummy smell :) .
I will definitly be stocking up on this over christmas.


All the glitter in my bottle is at the bottom so none it coming out at the minute.

Laura xXx


  1. I love this stuff! I've never tried it on my hair before, but think I will now. I love the smell so much I bought the compact perfume snow fairy too!

  2. me encanta lush!!!


  3. i really want to try this, but £3.95 for a tiny bottle meh :( better get saving xx

  4. i sent my sister to get this for me and told her to get the 3.95 one. she rang me saying it was so small theres no point in getting it so she got the 5.95 one for me. Its the size i thought the 3.95 one would be! xx

  5. I think this has got to be one of my all time favourite shower gels! I just love the smell and because I only use it around Christmas every year it makes me feel all cheery n Christmassy. Havent gotten a bottle recently but I intend to pay my local Lush store a little visit this weekend :)


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