28 October 2010

True blue spa- look ma new hands

I really need to start looking after my hands more and using cream or they are going to age way before there time.I have my hands in water so much these days.
I did buy a good hand cream a few months ago thinking i would put it on after id had my hands in water everyday and keep them looking moisturised....well it may have lasted a few days and i started to forget.
I am going to get that back out and start using it again...i need to.

Anyway i won this in a giveaway from lora and it always leaves my hands feeling and smelling great.
I have been enjoying using it and thought i would share it with you.
I have a feeling this isn't a product from the uk so im not sure if we can order online from bath and body works and get it sent over?im hoping so as she also sent some anti bacterial cleansing hand gel in warm vanilla sugar and it smells amazing! If not im hoping i can find away to get hold of them maybe ebay?

Look ma new hands
softening hand lotion with paraffin..
'Paraffin locks in essential moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and super protected.'

The smell of this hand cream is a really nice citrus sent and it doesn't just disappear straight away it keeps your hands smelling great for ages.
I like to put on generous amount and some gloves and leave it for a few hours when i feel i need a bit of extra care.
Or if its through the day just rub some through my hands like any other hand cream and it leaves them feeling great.
If you can get your hands on this i would definitely recommend getting it.


Laura xXx

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