1 October 2010

New Hair

Since i first dared to go dark i never keep my hair the same for long. I'm either going back to blonde or having to dye it very few week because the brown has faded. The last time i did my hair brown i loved the colour but as always it didn't last very long. So its that time again....
This time i used a darker colour than i am wanting but hoping that it will fade to a nice colour.I used nice and easy medium brown. I hadn't used that make before but as it was only £4 in asda i thought id give it ago ( i use two boxes as my hair is quite long) .It has turned out dark but hopefully in a few washes it will be fine and wont need doing again as fast!

This is last time i did it. I liked it here.

It faded to this kinda had a orangey red tint to it.

This is now.I have no fake tan on here to it really doesnt look good lol.But im hoping when it starts to fade it will go kinda like in the first picture? :/



  1. Nice new hair colour! It doesn't look too dark at all, suits your skin tone! I used nice and easy few weeks ago, I went for the natural dark brown one. I'm used to being darker, hadn't been dark for a while, and decided to go back to dark happier now.
    your colour should fade after so many washes. :)

  2. thankyou :) yeah always fade thank why i thougt going for a shade darker would make it last a bit longer :) xx

  3. Oh my god, laura you look stunning. That colour really really suits you :) xxx

  4. The color looks good on you. It compliments your eyes.

    By the way, that's an adorable little boy! :)

  5. great colour :) i know what u mean about brown hair colour fading its such a pain :( xx

  6. You look lovely, I'm hoping to dye my hair darker soon too. :)


  7. I love your colour! Hopefully it will fade! Mine has and I love it! I don't even think you look so bad in the last photo, your little boy is soo cute <3 xx


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