20 October 2010

My week in pictures..

 So i thought id give this ago fun way to show you what I've been up to with some none beauty/blog related things ...just normal everyday life.

Ive seen a few bloggers doing these post and i love looking at them.

When i sat down to do this post i realised i hadn't got as many pics as i thought and the one i did get arnt so good.

I always forget to pick up my camera so some have been taken on my phone and arnt do good :( .

But im sure ill get better :) .. here's week 1...

1.My first giveaway started this week! go enter here!!

2.My dog bella is getting so huge now!!

3.Lush things came YAYY. Il do a separate post on them soon.

4. SHAYTARDS! If you have never seen these go check them out on youtube!

5.Shopping with my boys and sister.I have an after picture of them both asleep so cute.

6.Eyeko things came that i ordered for my sister.

7&8. My two rabbits that when to a new home 2 days ago.They've gone to a great home with children to give them lots of attention, but i am so sad now really regretting letting them go but i had no choice because jason told the person before i could tell him i didn't want them gone and the children that were taking them were so excited :(.
 I had them 2 nearly 3 years top one is paddy bottom is max :).


  1. Hey lovely pics!!! Your dog is sooo cute.

  2. great posts =) love the photos! how come you had to give your rabbits away? x

  3. aww your dog is so sweet :D im gutted lush don't put popcorn in there boxes anymore :( xxx

  4. what a great post :) xoxo, Irena <3

  5. gave them away because we thought it would be better for them with me having the two boys now. I used to have them in the house all the time but i didnt really want them running around with a newborn in the house. Wish id of kept them so bad now for the boys to play with now there getting a bit older but just didnt think about it properly before it was to late :( xx

  6. Great Post - cute dog and rabbits, I would find it so hard to give a pet away :(


  7. Oh this is a really cute post, your boys are so cute how old are they? Mine turned one last month :P I love the necklace in the first picture sooo cute xx

  8. Those are gorgeous photos! I'm off to enter your giveaway!

  9. that must have been a really hard decision to make. sucks you had to give them away but right call at the time. hopefully you can get some more pets when your boys are older =) xx


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