27 October 2010

Mac Viva glam gaga

Why is it that its always the spontaneous buys that you seem to love more than something you been wanting for ages?

I have known about and seen this lipstick many times but to be honest it wasn't one of them that automatically went on my wish this. I have no idea why its just never stuck in my mind, until maybe 2weeks ago when i realised how gorgeous it was and had to get it!Ive always been a nude lipstick lover but recently I've been liking the pinks i have wanted st germain for a long time and picked this one up at the same time spontaneously and now i actually think i will end up wearing this the most.
I love the finish of it.
Viva glam gaga is a luster with a blue undertone and ive always tryed to stay away from then as i have seen so many reviews saying that they don't have much colour pay of. I think this is the exception, it has great pigmentation and a lovely colour pay of.

Another great thing about this lipstick as im sure you all know is that the proceeds go to charity to help people with HIV/AIDS.
A new lipstick plus helping a charity?
Why wouldn't you? :)


Gaga on the bottom shown with saint germain.
Gaga & Saint germain


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  1. Heyyy :)

    This is such a cute blog

    Please follow me and I will follow you back :D



  2. I'm wearing this right now :) It isn't one of my faves but i'm liking it more and more as i'm looking at it :P x

  3. Ohh I get that too! I think it's because you put a lot of pressure on something you've been wanting for ages...it builds up and when you get it you're kinda like...meh...

    Gaga is a lovely colour. Wish I could pull it off :(



  4. Im dying to get my hands on this....now ive been paid i think im going to treat myself

  5. aah I want Gaga so bad!


  6. really nice shade of lipstick. I've always been a gloss kind of girl but I really want to try out some lipsticks for the fun of it! I was suggested Maybelline in Coral Crush :)

  7. This is a beautiful shade. Although it really looks HORRENDOUS on me I want Chatterbox by MAC next :) xx


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