21 October 2010

Lush haul...

I was looking on the lush website on friday night and decided to order a few bits from the christmas collection.I have never used any of these before wanted to go for all new things that i havent tryed so i will put the description lush give on there site, then when ive used them let you know what i think :).


LUSH say...

'The Böögg was inspired by a Swiss tradition of building an effigy of a snowman. They fill its head with fireworks, hoist it onto a bonfire and wait to see how long it takes for its poor little head to go BOOM.'

'Although this seems like snowman-related barbarism, the Lush version is quite different, though no less explosive.'

'Our snowman is another colour-changing ballistic, with 'fireworks' made of a combination of Bubble Bar and Bath Ballistic mixture that create slowly fizzing froth and explode out the snowman's head.'

'Armoise oil adds a herbal, fresh, green note to perfumery blends'
Mine got a bit broken in the post :(

'Once upon a time, it seems like everyone fell in love with Cinders last year, so we had to invite her back for Christmas. Bathing with Cinders is like falling asleep in front of a log fire and hearing the crackling embers as the snow falls down

Almond essential oil comes from processing the kernels of bitter almonds and apricots

Warming cinnamon, refreshing sweet orange and almond essential oils will make your day every time you have a bath. Use with Glögg shower gel for a warming bath-time cocktail that will feel like the cold is far, far away

Cinnamon leaf oil is a warming, spicy oil. It's well suited to warming the body in winter.'

This has a very strong cinnamon smell!

SO WHITE £1.80

'So White was one of our first bubbling ballistics created by Jack. This tempting, white, apple-scented ballistic has grated Bubble Bar to create a frothy carpet of white snow on the water as it fizzes down slowly

Bergamot and neroli oils are refreshing citrus oils that instantly make you feel uplifted

Simon worked hard to perfect an apple fragrance - there's no such thing as an apple essential oil, you see - but he nailed it in So White.'

This one to me smells kinda like maybe clean linen but VERY stong :/

'This vibrant pink soap has been around for a few Christmases now, and it just keeps getting better with age. Since it's visit to earth last Christmas, we've refined our palm-free base and made a few adjustments; the results are heavenly

Tangerine and sweet orange oils add a sweetness to the fragrance blend, which creates a sweet jelly bean scent when combined with blackcurrant

This year, the jelly bean fragrance is even more intense, with hints of blackcurrant to make your hands and body smell like a cross between a confectioner's shop and a bowl full of berries'

I was kind of dissapointed when i opened this one as it is nothing like it looks on the picture! Just a plain pink slab of soap when the picture show is a pretty pick with gold and different coloured stars and shapes.
It does smell nice but i wish id got some other bath bombs instead. 

'This soap goes perfectly in a bath cocktail with Uluru, Avobath or You've Been Mangoed to shake the cobwebs off your tired brain

The Snow Globe is sure to be a favourite when winter comes. The whole cake looks a beautifully serene snow globe with dots of white 'snow' throughout. It's a loving nod to a more traditional Christmas this year

Although this is a refreshing citrus soap, it has a different blend of sharper citrus oils to give you an invigorating wash morning or night. We've used organic lemon myrtle for a fresh, slightly herbal citrus note, and lemongrass to complement the fragrance

Lemon myrtle contains over 90% citral and therefore makes a good substitute for lemon in cooking where the acidity of the fruit would affect the result. Its scent is refreshing and herbal.'

                                                       SUGAR PLUM FAIRY £1.95

'Our newest scrubber was inspired by the Tchaikovsky ballet. When Helen was inventing, she thought that plum kernel oil would work a treat because it moisturises the skin and makes it feel silky smooth and adds an almondy scent to the product

The high oleic acid content of plum kernel oil is suited for lip balms, massage products and other cosmetics for dry skins. It has a nutty, plum-like aroma and is deeply moisturising

We've used Fairtrade British sugar to scrub away rough skin in winter, which will make your body soft as a baby's. The fairy scrub has the same fragrance as the popular Fairy Jasmine and Christmas Carol Bath Ballistics from yesteryear, with a fruity, marzipan twist.'

These are making my room smell so good i cant wait to use them and let you know what i think of them. Have you used these before?
What did you think?


  1. Hey great haul!!! Love all the products.
    And yeah this new header is lovely.

  2. They all look so nice, great haul ! :) Mmmmm I love cinnamon!! :D

  3. wow you got loads! i'm obsessed with lush, like everyone else but its banned in my house! stained the bath red, whoops! great haul! x

  4. The Sugar Plum Fairy looks yummy enough to eat ahah!

  5. I used Cinders in my bath last week and it was lovely only problem it left a yellow line round my bath :(
    Ive also got sugar plum fairy but now used it yet :)

  6. i love lush and how they are so organic and fresh!! the bath bombs are fun to play around with and smell and feel great!!

    new folower =D

  7. @Rakhshaunda thank you :)

    Stavroula me too smells yummy

    Julie argghh no way which one did that?

    gaby ohh i know,reminds me of the lip scrubs and they are yummy LOL

    Bow and butterflies ohh i hope it doesnt in mine :(

    ARES they are making my house smell so good i dont want to use them lol. thanks for following :)

  8. I really like the look of the 'sugar plum fairy'! I'm heading straight for that next time I'm in Lush! xxx

  9. It's been a while since I've been to lush! You make me want to splurge again! I'm almost out of everything, I guess it would be fine to go !


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