4 October 2010

Do you want to feature on my blog? WEEK 4-FUNNYFACEBEAUTY

                                           About Funnyface beauty

I am a 28 year old Canadian who is working towards my goal of becoming a makeup artist. Ultimately, I would love to work as a beauty journalist or work in product development for a big beauty company. I am still a novice when it comes to makeup and I started my blog FunnyFace Beauty as a way to share my exploration and journey through learning more about the makeup and the makeup industry. I absolutely love blogging. My subscribers have been so supportive and encouraging and I think of them all as friends.


1.Q. Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?
A full coverage foundation (right now I love Maybelline’s Dream Smooth Mousse)
    -A good bronzer (Chanel’s tan de soleil cream bronzer is by far my favourite bronzer. It is expensive but it works so well and lasts forever)
   -Bright lipstick (Nude colours just don’t work for me, so I love to wear super bright colours on the lips. My favourite at the moment is MAC’s ‘Vegas Volt’ lipstick)
   -Cream Blush ( I love how natural cream blush looks. It gives my skin the perfect glow. There are so many colours I love but if I had to choose my current favourite I would say MAC’s ‘Ladyblush’)
  -Coloured Mascara (Black mascara can get pretty boring. I love using coloured mascara to compliment whatever eyeshadow I have used. Right now I am loving Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash in ‘Plum’ its perfect for fall).

Q.2.What things do you use everyday with out fail?
.M.A.C ‘Mineralized Skinfinish’ in Medium Light
   -Chanel Tan de Soleil Cream Bronzer
   -Urban Decay Primer Potion and M.A.C’s Painterly Paint Pot
   -Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer in ‘Warm Sand’
   -Other than those items, I tend to mix it up everyday.

Q.3.Whats your favourite makeup brand?
.I would have to say my favourite makeup brand is M.A.C because there are so many colours and products to choose from. I think there are other brands that have better specific items (ie. Nars and blush), but M.A.C has the most choice.

Q.4.I love fake tan, whats your favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
I don’t wear fake tanners. I am too afraid to use them. I’ve always been worried they would look too orange and streaky on me so I’ve steered clear.

Q.5.What has been your favourite nail colour/brand for this season?
.My favourite nailpolish brand at the moment is Joe Fresh (it’s a Canadian company). They have the cutest little bottles and the prices are great. I just picked up an army green colour called ‘Moss’ and I can’t wait to use it.

Q.6.How would you describe your fashion style?
A.I would have to say my fashion style is eclectic. I am a plus sized girl and it is often really hard to find clothes that are not too matronly. I have to go through 40 bad items before I can find one good one. It’s hard to stick to one style when there is not much to choose from. One thing I would say about my style is that I dress for my body shape and size. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a bigger girl, but I know this means there are certain things that just won’t look good on me no matter how cute or trendy they are.
Q.7.Which celebritys style do you love?
.I love Nicole Richie’s style. It’s very laid back and bohemian, but it’s also very trendy and chic. She is a big fan of accessories, which I love. Accessories can really make or break an outfit.

Q.8.What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?

A.I think my favourite trend for fall is colour. I love all of the jewel-toned colours we are seeing in both fashion and makeup. Muted browns and oranges can get really boring; depressing even. Right now I love wearing a really smoky plum or golden eye.

Q.9. What are 3 random facts about you?
.I have been a vegetarian for 16 years
    -I am absolutely obsessed with country music
    -I am proud to be a feminist

Heres what you can expect to see on Funnyfacebeauty

Hey Everyone,
Im so excited to post another 'Dare to Wear' challenge. This is by far my favourite kind of post because I get to see all of your recreations, and see just how talented you all are. For those who are newly subscribers and don't know what a 'Dare to Wear' challenge is, here is a little explanation (taken from my first challenge post):

"If you are up for it, I have decided that I will challenge my subscribers to recreate looks from the pictures I post on my blog. It doesn't have to be an exact copy of the look, but rather a look that is inspired by the pictures. Those of you who have blogs can post your recreated looks for all of your subscribers to see (maybe a FOTD?), and those of you who don't have blogs can do it just for fun or for practice"

The look for this new challenge was sent to me by one of my subscribers. She really likes the look and wants to see how everyone interprets it and makes it their own. So without further ado, I dare you to recreate a look from Miley Cyrus's music video for the song 'Can't be tamed'(video is posted at the bottom of this post):

You have 2 weeks to complete this challenge and I will be posting all of your looks in an updated blog on Saturday, October 9th. If you decide to take the challenge and create a look, please be sure to post the link to your look in the comment section below (I don't want to miss including your photos so please post the link). If you don't have a blog, email me the pictures of your look to funnyfacebeauty@gmail.com.

Goodluck to everyone that decided to take the challenge. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Also enter Alicias Giveaway!! Amazing ends october 10th!

Thank you so much for reading please comment, check out the rest of Funnyfacebeauty  blog and follow!! Also if you would like to be featured leave a comment below with your email address Thanks :)

Laura xx


  1. Yay. So excited to see this. Will post a link from my blog later today.
    Thanks again Laura!

  2. Would love to be featured hun! jesswd18@hotmail.com :)


  3. I would LOVE to be featured Lora :)

    my email is babydollamy@hotmail.co.uk

  4. Such a good idea, I'd love to be involved :)

    sazzbean@hotmail.co.uk xx


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