4 October 2010

Birthday things-eyeko & benefit!

I just wanted to show you a few things i got for my birthday that i am really excited about. First are some Eyeko nail polishes. These were bought for my half by my sister for my birthday/half i bought myself. ( My Eyeko ambassador code is E11209, you get a free give if you enter it at checkout) .She was origanly going to get me some more Barry m paints but i thought id give a different make ago and see if i loved them as much as Barry m.....well see :).
Then my friend came down to drop somthing off for my on thursday and brought me a preasent. I was so excited when i opened it and saw Benefit inside the little bag!! Bronzing& highlighting face powder duo.Bad gal smoldering black eye pencil and Bad gal lash mascara.
The mister also got me a camera as you have probably been able to tell as the very bad phone pictures have stopped YAY! 

Cult Classics

Must haves

Seprate ones i wanted to try :)
If you would like me to do swatches of the colours comment and let me know :) x

Finally i went to the usual xscape on friday for a night out, heres a few pics :)
Me and my lovely little sister :)

My lovely friend on the right who got me the FAB benefit goodies :)

                                                                   Laura xXx


  1. hope you had a great birthday!!! those nail polishes look amazing! i put a few on my birthday list to fingers crossed :P xx

  2. thank you :) yours tomorrow isnt it?:)
    ohh which ones you wanting?? xxx

  3. I hope you had a great birthday, but judging from the pics I'm sure you did!! ;) Fab gifts!! :)

  4. wow you got a lot of nail polishes lol wht camera did u get?x

  5. could you do a swatch of each one from the cult classic nail polishes (sorry to be a pain)! i've been eyeing them up but i didn't know if they were going to look the same on as some models own ones i have! hope you had a fantastic birthday! got some fab goodies too xxx

  6. eek it is! the grand old age of 23 :P baha! i love the 'all the pinks' collection. i am a pink nail polish girl at heart!xx

  7. Im glad you had a great bday!Those nail polishes are pretty. I want to get some myself but not for my bday its still a long time to go haha.I really want to try the vampira polish, posh and cosmic polishes. I hope you do swatches of them! xxx

  8. Hope you had a fabulous birthday :D
    I seriously need to try Eyekos polishes they all look gorgeous !!
    - Beth x

  9. Glad you had a fab birthday :) can't wait to see all the reviews of the polishes xxx

  10. wow lucky! hope you had a great birthday :) xx

  11. awww you look lush! I hope you had a great day and those nail polishes look amazing! :) xx


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