14 October 2010

Barry M liquid eyeliner

Ive been wanting to get a gel liner for a while as i normally use a pencil but when i went to have a look in Boots for one i couldn't find any.

So closest think to gel liner? Liquid.

I have been using up my bottle of liquid liner for the past few days but its near enough all gone so while i was there i thought i would have a look round and see what i could find.My last one was a No 7 and i do like it alot but thought i should give some others a try. While looking at Barry m section i came across there liners. They have some nice glittery ones that i really what to try the black/glitter defiantly caught my eye but as i wont really be wanting to wear glitter every day i went for the plain black.

This is that the bottles looks like.
As the top part is really long it makes it easier to apply.

Love this applicator make it really easy to get line or think lines in one stroke.

FOTD from this morning using the barry m liner and benefit pencil liner on the waterline.

So far i am really liking this liner,although i am sill on the lookout for a good gel liner.Just because ive never had one before and want to try them out.
any recommendations?

                                                                             Laura xxx


  1. this looks great on you laura! love liquid liner x

  2. You look gorgeous Laura...Love your eyes.Never tried this one as yet....Guess you can even try out Revlon liquid liner Black Beauty. It's great.

  3. You look gorgeous, I know it sounds cliche but I love mac's gel liner in blacktrack :) xx

  4. You look lush Laura- I have to agree with Adele. Mac is a bit pricey but honestly its lasts for ages and ages- i've had mine for well over a year and there's loads left xxx

  5. thanks girls :)deff going to try the mac liner ive been wanting the blscktrack for ages :) xx

  6. I'm so glad I saw this post! The applicator looks just like my beloved-but discontinued-Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner applicator and I've been searching for the same shape ever since - it makes the perfect cat's eye!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  7. this looks great and thanks for the tip , im always wary of wearing new products

  8. You look beautiful :D it defines the eyes, I love it!! Too bad we can't get Barry M here, would love to try it! I love eyeliners!! I still have to try the gel tho :D


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