27 September 2010

September favourites

My camera came today (they dint have any ghds :( so got the camera), so i have been having a play around with it.(I know its not my birthday till Thursday but i have to have a go lol) anyway so far? not impressed at all! but can't send it back because i opened it! Hopefully ill work it out.

So here are a few things i have been loving this month :)

Dior addict
Forgot to add this to the main picture but i am definitely loving this. I got this in the give away from Lora's blog it smells so nice i have been wearing it everyday :) .

Smokey shadow blast.
~Ive been using this under eye shadow to make the darker colours stand out more.
Also got this in.Lora's giveaway.
Denman Brushes

Barry m berry l/c and grey have been my most worn this month.
Ive just orderd a few more including the new effects one :) excited to try it out!

Again got this in Loras giveaway been enjoying trying out new products!
Maybellines The falsies volum express waterproof mascara.

My mac palette i have used everyday.

Batiste nude dry shampoo. I am really loving this, it has saved me a few times :)

                                                                        Mac fix +
              Ive been using this after putting my makeup on, makes my face feel fresh and not cakey.
                                                                Gives a really nice finish.


  1. great post! fingers crossed you camera works out better for you =) do you find the mac fix+ works well to hold your makeup in place all day?xx

  2. thanks hun me too! I think it does yeah, i really love it! Nice to spray on through day to freshen make up - up. Think ill do a post on it with before and after pictures? :) xx

  3. Lovely fave. The barry m polishes look amazing. xx

  4. ooo that would be awesome! thanks so much hun. would love to hear what you think about it xx

  5. I want fix plus sooo bad! nice favourites :)

  6. fix + is amazing ! great post :) xx

  7. awesome! love the fix + and the MAC palette! xoxo

  8. i didn't know the falsies was waterproof, so good to know. I was planning on getting it and now i want it even more lol

    btw I'll be sending you the form for the guest blog very soon! sry I'm being so slow but its been all work and no play for me!

    Take care hun! :)

    Smiles and kisses



  9. Nice post! I want to try THe Falsies Masacara! So many mixed reviews on it!

    I love MAC fix plus for pigments/mineralized shadows but for spraying and setting my make up after..it doesn't work for me :/. It makes me VERY VERY itchy :(. It's probably my dry skin so that sucks!

  10. thanks girls :)

    @ miss Vendella- i wasnt to sure on the mascara the first time i used it, but it does make my lashes look longer think il do a review on it :)

  11. thats so annoying about the camera, hopefully it works out! you have some great stuff there! x

  12. Hi Laura! What shadows do you have in your MAC quad? They look gorgous!

  13. its the notoriety palette, it has skin tone 1&2 rich&earthy and nortoritey :)


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