15 September 2010

Do you what to feature on my blog...? Week 1 CHARLOTTE

          About charlotte (Charlottes obsessions )

my name is Charlotte, Im 21 and from a small seaside town in good old yorkshire. I am currently studying for a degree in Education studies with early childhood studies, in which Iam about to go into my second year. I also work part time at a well known pizza chain!


Q:Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?
A: This is such a hard question!!! These are in no particular order:

Firstly i think its really important to look after your skin, i dont have any problems with my skin so no specialist products are really required. However i do think using a good face wash such as "Neutrogena Visibly clear blackhead eliminating face wash" is really good and is a constant staple in my routine.

Secondly,a good foundation. This is the one product i really dont like to skimp on and will try and buy the best i can get hold of. A great base in my opinion really is the key for a great finish.

My third must have beauty item is my face buffer from the body shop which kind of goes with the first item i mentioned. It only cost a couple of pounds and now i couldnt be without it! It really works to remove my makeup from deep within my pores.

The fourth must have product would be a great blusher. Blusher can do so many things for your face, i find certain shades i have can really illuminate your face and make you look really healthy.

Finally i would say a black eyeliner is essential.Well to me it is anyway. I look dead with out wearing any on my waterline.

Q: What things do you use everyday with out fail?
A: I wont mention specific brand products because they change each day but everday with out fail i will use:
Foundation- because i cant leave the house with out it
Eyeliner- with out it i look ill/dead/hungover! If eyeliner stopped being made i would literally have a meltdown
Lipstick- i feel naked with out something on my lips, i usually have around 5 lipsticks at any time in my handbag.

Q: Whats your favourite Makeup brand?
A: I like different brands for different things. I love Mac because i really love their Studio Fix Fluid foundation,i always seem to end up coming back to it. I also love their blushers and lipsticks.
I love Maybelline Mascaras, in particular the vibrating one called the "pulse perfection" and the "the colossal". I love Barry M for Nail Paints and i really like some of their lipsticks aswell.
As much as i love high end brands i cant always afford them but im equally as happy to trawl through superdrug or boots and purchase products from there.

Q:I love fake tan, whats you favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
A: Im quite new to the whole fake tan trend. Mainly because im really lazy when it comes to the maintenance side of things. However recently i bought some Xen tan Deep bronze and i really love it. I havent tried too many brands of fake tan so i cant really do a big comparison. I have tried St Moriz and i really didnt rate it. It gave me zero colour and made me stink of curried biscuits. I really like Xen Tan because of the smell whilst it is developing, almost like chocolate mixed with vanilla. However its not cheap so an expensive addiction!

Q: What has been your favourite Nail colour/brand for this season?
A: This is a really hard question for me because even though i have a lot of nail varnish i dont get to wear it that much. My nails at the minute are so short and horrible. I bit my nails for all of my life until about a year ago but due to working through the summer they are in such a state! I like any colour to be honest, i did quite like the nude look at the begining of the year and if im going to buy a nail varnish i will either go for Barry M, Rimmel or Models own.

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?
A: Errrrr comfortable! Haha i really dont have a particular style. I sometimes go into topshop and think "what the hell is that??" i find some of their pieces "too out there" for me. I prefer to play it safe and wear what i like rather than what "fashion dictates". My favourite shops are primark, new look and H & M. I dont really have a "style" i just wear what takes my fancy really.

Q: Which celebrity style do you love?
A: Erm im not sure to be honest. I really dont want to give an obvious answer like cheryl cole becuase we all love her style ! I do quite like Holly Willoughby's stlye although what she wears probably wouldnt be something i would go for.

Q: What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?
A: I dont really pay attention to beauty trends, mainly because i like to stick too what suits me and what i like. I quite liked the Maxi dress trend for summer, and im really looking forward to getting my hand on some military boots!

Q: What are 3 random facts about you?
A: 1.I have a phobia of dogs, i cant go near them without literally having a panic attack
2. I have size 9 feet!
3. I met Simon Cowell at Jfk airport years ago!

. Here is a the sort of post you can expect to see on charlottes blog :)

Face and Outfit of the day!

I felt in the mood to do a quick outfit and face of the day. You will have to excuse the photos. My bedroom, where i normally take my photos is currently "out of bounds" as we are having a new window fitted and i didn't really fancy giving the builders something to gawp at!

Anyway, here is the outfit for today!

The dress is from H & M, it was purchased a few months ago and i think it was around the £15 mark???

I really like it as it can be taken from summer to Aumtum/winter.

I just wear it with leggings, black cardie and today sandals. Yes sandals!! Summer seems to be hitting Scarborough now and I'm making the most of it!!

The face of the day:

Still sporting the "natural" look.
Todays products used:
•Mac studio fix fluid in nc25
•Mac Studio Finish Concealer in Nc20
•A light handed dusting of Mac MSF natural in Medium
•On the eyes i just used one sweep of a shadow from my Naked Palette, the shade i chose today was Sin, a really pretty pink colour.
•Lashings of Maybelline Colossal and 17 mascara called "wild curls"
•A touching of Revlon Matte blush in Perfectly peach
•Urban Decay Eyeliner in Zero

Lipstick of choice today was Mac's Shy girl. To be honest, i bought this a while ago and i didn't really like it at first. This has since become a favourite of mine. Its a really nice nude with a splashing of coral in.

Its a creamsheen finish and so has a rather glossy finish.

Also, yesterday whilst in boots i picked up this!

Its the Eco tools blush brush. It is probably the softest brush i have ever touched!!

I prefer this for applying blush rather than my mac 129 due to the shape of it. The mac 129 is more of a dome shape whilst this is more flat in shape.
That isn't dirt you see on it! The photo just came out like that!

I have a couple of Mac brushes that were presents, but if like me, you think a brush is a brush and refuse to shell out loads of mullah for a brush then defiantly check these out! I paid £6.99 for this in Boots and i would defiantly be interested to check the rest of the range out. I cant actually put into words how soft this is!! Its lovely!

Phew that ended up being quite a long post!

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  1. this is a brilliant idea lora!! i would love to be featured love sarah xxx

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