22 September 2010

Do you want to feature on my blog? WEEK 2! JULIE :)

                                          About Julie ( Musing of a make up manic)

I'm nineteen and am studying English and Drama in college..I'm obsessed with everything beauty related. During my first year of college I did a part time beauty course, so can now work as a beautician. I would love to do make up artistry one day and can see myself as a journalist! Hopefully.. :)


Q.1. Whats your top 5 must have beauty items?
A .Foundation
    Neutral Eyeshadows
    Contour Powder

Q.2.What things do you use everyday with out fail?
A.La Roche Posay F50+ Suncream
   YSL Teint Resist Foundation
   MAC Harmony Contour Powder
   Eyeko Tube Mascara

Q.3.Whats your favourite makeup brand?
A.Ooh, thats such a tough question. I use so many different brands. I love MAC for their colour(eyeshadow,blush,eyeliners) but think their foundations are awful! Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and YSL   are also high on my list..I really can't choose!

Q.4.I love fake tan, whats your favourite brand (if you wear it) and why?
A.I'd love to be able to wear fake tan, but for some really weird reason it just doesn't take to my skin. After I apply it, it will disappear within a day, it just fades away and it doesn't get dark enough. I could be wearing two or three layers and still be really pale. Weird! When I do use it though, for a night out or something, I use St. Moritz or Loreal Sublime Bronze.

Q.5.What has been your favourite nail colour/brand for this season?
A.I'm obsessed with the Chanel Particuliere colour. I have about seven shades of it from different companies. I absolutely love it. I love neutrals on my nails, browns, greys, nudes..I really like Barry M because its so cheap that you can get rid of it after a few uses and not feel guilty!

Q.6.How would you describe your fashion style?
A.I would say smart/casual. I would never walk around college in a tracksuit, but wouldn't be over the top either. I like to be pretty and wear dresses which some people may think is a bit much, but I like it. Again I love neutrals and long cardigans with leggings and boots.

Q.7.Which celebritys style do you love?
A.Hmmm..I love Rachel Bilson's style, she always looks so good.

Q.8.What has been your favourite beauty or fashion trend this season?
A.Favourite beauty trend has to be bright lips, I love strong colours on my lips now. And fashion has to be big chunky knits..I think they always look so good, no matter what season it is because their so classic. They can be casual or smart and are really flattering.

Q.9. What are 3 random facts about you?
A.I love ham and green peppers on my pizza and refuse to eat chicken. Ever.
    I have an older sister and younger brother.

    I get embarrassed really easily and go red, even for other people. :)

       Here is what you can expect to see on the lovely musings of a makeup manic page :)

And so it begins...

Sorry its been so long since my last post, I've been so busy with work and college that I've had no time to do anything else. Yesterday was my first day back in University to start my second year of my English and Drama Studies degree.

In a way I was dreading going back and another couldn't wait. I thought I'd do a quick face and outfit of the day to show you what I wore :)

                                                        My new hair and fringe features!

                                                            Face: YSL Teint Resist
                                                             MAC Melba Blush 
                                                    MAC Harmony Contour Blush

                                           Eyes: MAC All That Glitters, Twinks, Satin Taupe
                                                             MAC Coffee Eyeliner
                                                                Eyeko Mascara

I wore a baggy cream and grey top from Mango with jeggings, cream knee high socks rolled down and my boots.

Have you started back yet?

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Laura xx


  1. I wouldn't mind :-) lu_sans@y7mail.com

  2. i would love to be a part! looks like so much fun! :)


    Smiles and kisses



  3. I would love to be featured in your blog!!!!!





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