20 September 2010

Amazing brush!

Hey, just wanted to let you all know about an amazing new brush i have that i think you all need to try :).
I got mine a few days ago and i love it! Think has to be the best brush i have ever used! I have for the last few years been using a big paddle brush.I always thought well a brush is a brush so never really bothered trying new ones. I was really looking forward to trying the denman brush as i have heard good things about them and when i was younger my nana had one of the soft bristle ones and i loved that.
So as soon as it came i had to try it out and it made my hair feel really soft and seem to be less bushy, because of the long bristles it whet right though my hair.I fell in love straight away and can honestly not see myself using any other brush again.

They have new Tuttie Frutti ones that smell great! They have a 'anti-static rubber pad to give maximum grip and control'. These come in four flavours strawberry short cake, green apple, lemon sherbet and wild dewberry. These are £7.16.

I am in love with the diamante handbag brush, this is coming everywhere with me! I love that even thought its handbag size the bristles are still the same lengh as the regular. £12.21.

These are definitely worth checking out if you are on the look out for a new brush.

laura xx

1 comment:

  1. will defo have to give this a try! my hair for some reason has turned into a nightmare once it has been washed to then be brushed. these look so cute as well!!xx


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