29 August 2010

spray tan

Just got back from a spray tan party at my friends, were all going out tomorrow so thought it would be nice to have a good tan :).

 The tan she used was sun laboratories. Its my favourite tanner i get it in the spary bottles i love it! doesnt make you look orange at all, so was very happy when i saw that it was this she was going to be using :).

I also got my hair cut too :) still as long just lots of layers.
Coloured my hair darker yesterday as well  'light brown' . The colour i last put on was fading and needed redoing i was going to put blonde high lights in but i couldnt find it in the store. I had this colour left at home went for it.
This is when i got home, no make up.

The colour i used, i put it on my hair and then washed it of straight away if i would have left it 10 minutes i would of had black hair, always takes really fast.


  1. you look gorgeous Laura- I love the hair :)
    -Hattie x


  2. Hey Loura..you are so beautiful dear...without any makeup...I love your hair..xxxxxx

  3. Tanned skin looks very good on you!


  4. that tan gives great colouring!! great idea to do before a night out with friends too xx

  5. If you want to get more life out of your spray tan/self tan then a great product to use is Body Armor: DHA Tan Extender. I have been spray tanning regularly for the last two years and my technician told me about this product because I work out a lot and my tan was not lasting as long as I wanted it to. I know get an extra week out of my tan. I will not tan without it!

  6. thank youu :)

    @kelli that sounds great im going to have a look for it, thanks :)


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