2 August 2010

Motivaion needed.....

Ok sooooo im sat here trying to motivate myself to get on the dam excercise bike!... Not going so well so far! My friends have started back at the gym reasently and my fiance started back about a week ago,since then we have both been eating healthy and trying to cut out all the crap we eat. We have takeaways LOT! So im doing really well at the eating better thing but i have yet to get of my bum and start the exercise! hummfff! I want to lose as much as i can before my night out with the girls in a few weeks (the ones that have been going to the gym). Although at this rate im total loss will be Olb if i dont start soon! I need to start thinking more ......yum!

and less ................

Ok sooo why??

well......... having two babies 11 months apart has done nothing for my figure! yes i have two very beautiful baby boys who i love so much! I just feel i have left it long enough to lose the extra weight i gained and my excuses are running out as my youngest soon turns 1!!!omg! You see so many celebs who have lost it all within weeks of there babies been born and here i am a year down the line still carrying some. I didnt  want to rush it and do crazy dieting straight away like they must ofafter all i had an 11 month old and a newborn to look after!  One of my friend has had a baby 8 weeks ago and is already back to her pre baby weight! so i feel now is the time for me to put some effort in at get rid!
ps. i am writing this while my boys are in there cots having an afternoon nap :) xx
maybe il reward myself with a new eyeshadow for every lb i lose :P xx


  1. I really liked this post.. & the fruits actually looked alot more appealing than the McDonalds! Good luck hun hopefully you will have a new collection of eyeshadows very soon haha xxx

  2. i thought so too... made myself one for tea lol :)!! haha ohhh i hope so :) xx


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