11 August 2010

MAC haul..

YAY my MAC things finally came!

I got 2 lipsticks- Blankety and Honeylove.
2 eyeshadows-All that glitters and Twinks.
and a paint pot in Bare study.

My first impressions were that the lipsticks were too dark for me and i was quite disappointed. I liked the shadows although i thought there was a very good dupe for the Twinks in my 26 neutrals palette.Finally i loved the paint pot.

So after a while of feel quite disappointed, i put the boys to bed had a shoower and fake tanned hoping that when i was darker the colour would look better on me.

I am very happy to say i now love them and so glad i got them :) amazing how having a bit of colour can totally change your opinion on a product!! I do usually wear fake tan every day but with me been at home all day i didnt bother with any this morning. Also the Twinks eyeshadow is an exact match for the one in my palette but i would say if your wanting Twinks you should try the palette as that only cost £7.50 from ebay inculding P &P! There are some good dupes for MAC in there my sister resently got blackberry , yogert and brun and there are ones that look exactly the same in the neutal palette.

I tryed to get a few swaches but they didnt turn out so well i will try get better onces for you to see tomorrow in the natural light.

All that giltters and Twinks

Bare study


                                                              Blankety- Amplified creme.


  1. Blankety looks amazing! yeah your right about how colouring can affect how the prodcut looks! i always fake tan and these past couple of days I have been scrubbing like hell to get all of my fake tan off and my makeup looks totally different! I have yet to get a paintpot, I always forget about them when I am at the counter, does it prolong the staying power of your shadows??
    Great post :) x

  2. i put some on this afternoon and it kept it on looking good for the rest of the day but i will let you know if it keeps it on for the whole day looking good in my next post about it when ive had a full day to try it out :) i definitly think it make eyeshadow look better! xx

  3. glad it finally turned up =) cant wait to see the swatches n see some new nude lipsticks to buy!!x

  4. Great haul :)
    Can't wait to see swatches, I lovee blankety so may have to try honey love :)
    - Beth x

  5. I am glad the lipsticks work for you now!! I am afraid on Blankety :X but I do love Honey Love with Boy Bait creamsheen glass..its the best combo for me.

  6. Cute haul! I really wanna try those two eyeshadows out they look super cute!

  7. Honel Love looks great :) id love to see what it look like on, might have to get it!!
    Great Haul!

  8. They all look gorgeous, especially the lipsticks! :) xx


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