5 August 2010

July favourites...

My first monthly favourites :) ...
Here a few things i have been loving this month :)

Andrew Barton Gloss Boss no frizz shine surum....
This is my new must have hair product i LOVE it!!!
I was on a shopping trip to asda and was browsing the hair section for somthing new to try on my crazy dry hair. I came across a few surums and wasnt sure which to get so i ramdomly picked this one. So glad i did , i just tought it would be like the rest i have had before but it is really good makes my hair super smooth and shiney plus it has a really good smell. Ones i have tryed before having really had a good smell, not one that stood out like this anyway its really fresh and summery.Actually keeps your hair smelling fresh and doesnt desappear :) ..all for £3.70.

Vera Wang Princess.....

My favourite summer perfum really fruity and lovely vanilla smell :) .

Barry M nail paints ....

If you have seen my other blog you will know i am in love with barry m nail paints my favourite of the summer has deffinitly been mint followed by pink flamingo ,strawberry and berry jugeing from my half empty bottles :).I have resently started wearing the mushroom as the weather hasnt been so nice, feeling like a change of colour tho, whats your favourite nail colour?il try it out :D

                                                             MAC myth

I have had this colour for a while and to be honest at first i didnt really like it! Every time i put it on i thought it made my lip look really dry and i didnt wear it for months.Resently though i have been really getting in to wearing nudes and now i love it so much and wear it everyday, i found if i put a balm on first it doesnt dry my lips out at all and looks great.This is the perfect nude :) .

Batiste dry shampoo....

This product is great to use inbetween wash days to keep hair looking and smelling great.I was my hair every other day, so on the middle day if my hair is looking a bit flat i spray in some of this to give it a clean just washed look its great and really affordable :) .

My first monthly favourites,hope you all like :) .


  1. barry m nail paints are amazing i also love the dry shampoo! i havent tried those ones though what do they smell like? great post x

  2. i need to get that vera wang perfume ;)

  3. that vera wang bottle is super cute!


  4. love barry m nail polishes too and that vera wang is AMAZING! :)x

  5. Oh - I have Vera Wang perfume too:)
    You can see it in my Perfume collection post:)

    And like Shineyglam mentioned - its a really cute bottle:)

  6. great favourites =) i can't live without a bottle of batise at my side in the morning! i got mac myth too after seeing your FOTD when i did a back to mac. such a lovely colour and great for everyday xx

  7. glad you all like :)

    aww did you :) i love it for everyday :) i just ordered 2 more lipsticks :) honeylove and blankety there was soo many i wanted but most out of stock :'( xx

  8. @ Laura's Blog - You're so lucky to have Barry M. available. Your fave are great. Lovely post xx


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