10 August 2010

I tag YOU :)

Ive been tagged by the lovely julie at http://brokenblush.blogspot.com/ check her out :)


What's your favorite make up look?

At the minute i am loving the flawless dewy look with a neutral smokey eye for through the day and i like to add a few darker colour if im going out i like silver and black smokey eye.With a nude lip my favourite right now is myth by MAC.

Do you have a beauty vice?

All make up, but if i had to pick one thing it would probably be mascara, i have to wear mascara. When im having a lazy day and not wanting to wear makeup at home i still put mascara on i thik it make me look more awake and opens it face up.

What part of your body do you love?

Ugh. I think my favourite part of my body would probably be my legs because even though i have put weight back on (through pregnancy) my legs have stayed the same and still look small.

Who is your beauty icon?

I dont really have one that im crazy about. There are so many i could go on forever,

Marilyn Monroe has to be the all time but also,

Jennifer Aniston

Lauren Conrad

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen  & many more.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly good?

Mascara, eyeliner, bronzer these are my 3 must haves!

How do you look after your skin?

I alway take my make up of with Simples cleanser as wipes are really drying. I also moisturise every time i take my make up of and before putting it on.

What is your signature scent?

I love the scent of vanilla and and fresh fruity smells.At the minute i am wearing vera wangs princess alot.
I really like Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue aswell.

What is your hair care secrets?

I like to use a deep conditioner on my hair ans always use a serum to make it soft and shiney :) .

How do you pamper yourself?

Hmmm, I like to sit in a room on my own curled up catching tv or a movie with a blanket, while the boys are fast asleep.

What is your beauty pet peeve?

Foundations lines, badly drawn on eyebrows have to be the worst!

What would your desert island must haves be?

Mascara for makeup as il be tanned and wouldnt need foundation or bronzer :) and a good moisturiser!Alll my family and music :)

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

Be happy!

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So the people i tag areeeee.......



  1. Thank you for the tag. Loved reading your answers. xx

  2. yay thanks so much lovely!! what would i do without you aye?!x

  3. Thanks for the tag! I love doing these!

  4. Our fav make up look is the same as yours! That look is great for anywhere! And of course mascara is the way to go!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K : darling&diva ♥

  5. Gotta love the olsen twins ;) xxx

  6. Hmmm, I like to sit in a room on my own curled up catching tv or a movie with a blanket, while the boys are fast asleep.--AHH me too!!! Great post..I am new follower and I love your blog!



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