16 August 2010


My hair now.(middle)

Ive been thinking for a while that i want to do somthing different with my hair.Im not sure if i want to get rid of the lenght as i love it been long but not sure how to change it up a bit? . I used to wear my hair down everyday but since having the boys while at home i useally have it up now because they hold on to it.ouch! so i just looks a bit boring right now which i hate. Ive been thinking lots of short layer or somthing?

what do you guys think?

Although i have been liking these sorts of styles im not sure if they would suit me or i dare to go that short!?

Should i have a HUGE change to stick to long hair?


  1. I love the second picture!
    I def think you could pull this off.
    It'll make you look more mature!

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  3. I also had my long hair cut short and i regret it. I tend to look better with long black hair coz i look more lady-like. In my opinion, keep your hair long cause it pretty looks good on you.


  4. the second picture is great ! it would look so good on you !


  5. I would cut it...From those pics I prefer the first one.
    & if you don't like it...just think that you hair will grow again (^_^)


  6. DON'T DO IT! I did last year and regretted it more than anything I have ever done..... Short hair is great, for a week. It looks trendy but then you realise you cant just throw it up when in a lazy mood lol! You have amzing hair!

  7. Is your hair damaged? If it is, I would go for it. If it isn't, make sure you REALLY want to cut your hair! I had mine halfway down to my stomach and chopped it off, regretted it so much and absolutely hated my hair... Wore it in a bun for literally a year haha! But now that it's grown out, I don't regret it as much. It was really damaged and I needed to start from scratch to achieve healthy hair! I do think you would look cute with the first haircut, but make sure that if you do it you're fully committed :) x

  8. Love the first picture. Long hair is a commitment though. Every time I cut mine, I wish I didn't. You have beatiful hair and I'm sure you'll look gorgeous either way. xx

  9. You would definitely suit either of those cuts, they are stunning :) But then again your hair looks lovely now!!
    - Beth x

  10. DO whatever your heart tells you :). If you really want to cut it..do it! It will grow back eventually :) xxxx

  11. I love your hair, so I have to say that in my opinion you should keep it long. Unless it is damaged right now.


  12. oooh you have lovely hair!! But it would look cute like in Heidi's pic, that way its not too short and will grow back quicker if you change your mind! i'm bored of my hair too- but always hate it when i change it- haha. Great blog dear xxxx

  13. I think you should keep the length!! I miss my long hair I had mine cut short and regretted it and I am in the process of trying to get it back nice and thick! Maybe get a fringe! I love your hair! xx

  14. Your hair looks amazing long! Although if you want to change it up a bit I say you should go for shoulder lenght with layers! That will add shape to your hair! I always love layers!


    follow back?

  15. I love Heidi Klum`s hairstyle. I always feel the need of changing something at my hair, either colour or length. You could ask at the hair salon which will suit you the most.xx

  16. I have been trying to grow my hair out forever. I always end up cutting it because it gets too hard to handle.
    I think you should try something new...after all its just hair.
    New follower. If you get a chance, please check out my dare you to wear challenge. I am challenging my subscribers to recreate a look from the derek lam fashion show (pics on my blog). I will be doing an updated post showing what everyone came up with.
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  17. Personally when I cut my hair two years ago I regretted it sooooo bad! I think "short" hair doesn't fit everybody , it really made me look like I was fifteen again, I wasn't looking like Heidi Klum at ALL lol! Think about it twice . I love your hair lengths like this though ...


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