3 August 2010

THE dress????

Ok so we havent got anything booked just yet but i can still look right??? i mean i have a ring on my finger lol :D ...
jason asked me to marry him on the 29th september 2009 , the night before my 21st birthday.
Since then a few of my friend have also got engaged and we have been chatting about our plans, while searching the internet i came across this dress and i love it and jason loves it. It was one of the first dresses i came across and i tought i like it so should i stop looking because i know there will be so many more perfect dresses out there and it will be so hard to choose!orrr do i look and find a better one?

What do you think? like it?hate it?.....


  1. that dress is AMAZING!!! sooo pretty =) i'd say keep looking just incase but this one looks like a winner!xx

  2. WOW that dress is amazing! (I love the gathering) You like make such a beautiful bride xx

  3. That dress is gorgeous!!! I'd say keep looking though, it might just prove that this one is definitely the dress for you :)

    It would be great if you could check out my blog sometime
    - Beth x


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