3 August 2010

:D thank you http://ramblingrose26.blogspot.com/ !!

ARRGGHHH :D  ok sooooo ive been trying to figure out how to use my camera for ages....days!! i sat earlyer and tryed changing everything on the settings to get it to work! no luck! ...
After trying to get a picture of my mushroom nail paint that wasnt blury for ages i gave up thinking i must have the worlds worse camera at focusing! When http://ramblingrose26.blogspot.com/ left me a comment to check for the setting for it, which i thought i had done..i dint know the symbol so when she told me i looked on my camera and found it YAY!!! Something so simple i know but for someone like me who didnt know about how to change to different settings except the flash lol its exciting! I just wanted to say a BIG thank you and i think you should all check her out :) 
so you no longer have to see pictures like this were you cant see the writing ....

and can see ones more like this .............


  1. wow amazing nails :D
    Great blog and post!I'll visit you

    www.nevermindsir.blogspot.com - maybe you follow me? <3

  2. Yay! I'm so glad I helped you out ;D
    What a difference on the pics!

  3. i know, i can't believe how much better it is :) im excited! Thank you sooo much :) you just saved me buying a new camera lol xx


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