7 August 2010

Barry M lip gloss...

Barry M lip gloss...
I thought i would do a little review for you on the barry m gloss's, i have number 4 the strawberry smelling one and the toffee not sure on the number think its number two.

                                                  Number 2 toffee

This one is my favourite i think its a more everyday wearable colour,its a really nice nudey brown colour i think it looks great over MACs myth or any nude colour.It has a slight sliver glitter in it which i think is more noticeable in the bottle than when on the lips. The smell is really nice i think it smells like a chocolatey toffee. This is my favourite lipgloss at the minute :)

Number 4 strawberry

.This is a really nice pastel pink colour i think it has some blue undertones at least thats that i first thought when i looked in the mirror at it, maybe its just what it looks like on my lips?. I love the smell i think it smells like the strawberry delight deserts :). This one also has silver shimmer in it which i think you can see more when on the lip than the toffee one.Really pretty girly pink.

They are really creamy and not sticky which i like but they do wear of quite quicky so they do need to be reapplyed more often.I love these glosses :)


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