30 July 2010

Vera Wang Princess....

 I just orded a new bottle of Vera Wang princess.I LOVE this perfum so much! I was really needing a new perfums as my others were running very low but instead of getting another bottle of  Emporio Armani (which is also REALLY nice) i decided to look at some different ones. Last week i was searching through my wardrobe for one of my bags when i came across one i hadnt used for a while, one i used to use for work everyday, anyway i decided to have a look inside when i found an empty bottle of Vera Wang Princess with just enough left in for one spray so i tryed it. I had totally forgotten id had this before and for the rest of the day i kept getting the smell of it and i had to get a new bottle. It smelt so fruity and vinillary i loved it! so i orderded the big 100ml bottle :) so good for summer!

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